Couple of days ago I wrote about that teenager that the Nazis in his school had arrested, jailed and suspended for wearing a t shirt speaking out about his First Amendment right to speech regarding his Second Amendment right for gun ownership. Seems that, having sat out his one day suspension, he returned to class and proudly wore the same shirt to class again. Oh, many other students throughout the country wore the same shirt as well in support of 14 year old Jared Marcum. An accompanying photo of the lad wearing the shirt was interesting. A simple brown shirt bearing an NRA logo as well as an image of a hunting rifle. As I scratch my head here, isnt the "hunting rifle" the same thing that that bloated Feinstein is preaching that she supports and hates the semi-automatic "Assault-type" rifles? Arnt she and her fellow Nazis marching lockstep and arm in arm over this very thing? And here is a 14 year old boy that the National Socialist school system singles out to make an example of wearing an image of the very thing the Nazi leadership supports?

School administrators point out that the wearing of said t shirt"disrupts the educational process" and therefore it was necessary to have the boy arrested. The school's dress code prohibits t shirts bearing profanity, violence or discriminatory messages but apparently allows for zombies, daemons, blood, and all the other symbols teenagers are wont to advertize today. Yet one 14 year old appears in class supporting the Constitution of the United States and the amendments thereto and he is arrested, jailed and suspended? Remember that little definition I quoted in my original blog? The one about defining Dictatorship? Seems the Logan County School Superintendent, Wilma Zigmond, she's the leader of the that local SA organization apparently and seems to proudly wear her Brown Shirt and Swastika armband, still refuses to comment on the actions of the school system. Is she proudly standing behind her decision or hiding beneath her desk? You'll never know because National Socialists just dont let that kind of information out. Oh, and the County District Attorney is still pondering on whether to actually file charges against the boy following that questionable arrest.

The road to dictatorship is filled with the happiness and hilarity of the party. Voices ring, flowers are thrown, all to the music of marching boots.     Seig Heil!

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