Gift of Tranquility and Peace

Tranquility in itself means; ” stillness”, the quality or the state of being free from agitation of mind or spirit. Words like: calm, serenity, peace, silence, untroubled, and placid are only some synonyms that combine within it’s very definition. The act of Finding, seeking or obtaining Peace is not an easy task for anyone. Peace is a life journey that carries many lessons. Throughout this holiday season we will all be in the midst of chaos one time or another. It is so very important to consider others and where they may be in there day or even within their life when you encounter them at the worst. Holidays can change gratitude to bitterness as the days go on when they are meant to bring a sense of unity. Holidays are a balance between union of  within ourselves as we counterbalance tranquility and agitation.

Yoga teaches to steady the balance within actions and words, it shows us how to find and utilize the pockets of space to just breathe. Tranquility is not silence that surrounds us, but rather the silence within or inner self at the times when we want to react. Tranquility to me means finding the moments of beauty to replace the moments of turmoil or having the ability to turn instability into stabilized.  What if just one person gave this gift of tranquility, a gift of stillness? What does that mean to you and what exactly does it mean to give it as a gift? Explore this journey with us and encompass the calm side of your true self as an offering.

Welcome To Tranquil Earth Yoga Studio - Crys and Nick

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