Statistics - Proof, exaggeration or lies?

As we proceed through each day we are bombarded with statistics cited by television "reporters" (actually 'news readers'), politicians and anyone else pushing themselves into the temporary limelight. Statistics give the impression of solid knowledge, of indepth study, of, well, in words of single syllable, pure ca-ca. More often than not the cited statistics are either exaggerated, only partially correct, totally incorrect or, even more often, made up at the moment and are empty numbers. Take for example those wild statistics concerning Global Warming. Wildly cited numbers have now been shown to have been coupled with either faulty or false "scientific studies" yet the vacuum heads of the world embrace these stats lovingly because, proven false, they still support their "Sky is falling" love affair. Statistically, cited statistics are and always have been approximately 78% incorrect 19% exaggerated and 21% made up at the moment for effect.  Oh, wait. Thats 118%. Well see? Thats how statistics work, particularly when mouthed by politicians. Which brings me to my actual point:

Slick, backed by his army of thugs and firebrands, set upon erasing the Second Amendment from our Constitution, has been making speech after speech citing 40% of all gun sales have been performed without background checks and that his party's movement - you remember his party, the National Socialist Democrat Party, the ones that have done such a great job so far of destroying the country, yeah, thats them - promises to ensure that the bad guys will no longer be able to obtain those nasty ole guns.  Seems his thugs and cronies have neglected to tell the big guy that he is shooting his mouth off citing ancient statistics. OOPS! That number, the one he is so enthralled with, comes from a small study conducted back in 1997. Now, why would be use that number? Perhaps, though incorrect, it sounds better and lends more umph to his speeches as he crosses the country with his league of torch and pitchfork brandishing villagers?  Rather than chasing the ogre, they now madly pursue America's gun owners. And, how will his much vaunted background checks stop, "the bad guys" from getting those nasty ole guns? Well, no one has figured that out yet and thats just too pesky a question to bother Der Fuhrer with when he's on a roll.

So, perhaps we should just go back to sleep and allow him/it to continue to lie, as he done regarding practically everything else, and exaggerate with blatantly false and deceiving statistics in effort to gain yet another notch on his pistol grip. 92% of everything YOUR President tells you in speeches for the past 6+ years has been wildly exaggerated or outright lies. 97% of what he told you about his love affair with Reverend Wright was wrong. 99% of what he told you about his Obama Care program was astronomically incorrect. 94% of his willingness to "reach across the aisle and work together" hot air was just that and the other 12% were lies. See how effective statistics can be when one just makes them up as they go along? Finally, fully 97% of those who read this blog will statistically either curse or throw coffee at their monitor because they will feel their Fuhrer has once again been defamed. Aint Statistics great?

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