Napoleon Walks Again!

Posted by La Mesa Today member Janie Garcia.

TIJUANA -- One day while the volunteers of the Humane Society of Tijuana (HSTJ) were canvassing a neighborhood to share about the benefits of spay and neutering along with checking on the local strays, a resident told them about a dog that had been hiding under a house for several days. A vet amongst the group set out immediately to check on the dog's welfare. She coaxed the dog out by what she could only describe as, "He knew I was there to help." Once it had crawled completely out from under the house the dog would not stand up. The vet approached the canine slowly and discovered that it did not have use of its hind legs.

The gentle dog allowed itself to be lifted and carried to a table. A full examination was done and outside of being handicapped the dog was otherwise in good health. The vet determined that the loss was recent but could not account for how it might have happened. Because of its small stature and brave nature the dog was named Napoleon. HSTJ knew that Napoleon would make a great pet for the just right person but making him mobile presented a challenge.

Within days U.S. based Friends of Humane Society of Tijuana (sole supporter of HSTJ) sent an appeal in their monthly newsletter to raise $400 for a customized cart. Money immediately started to pour in with enough raised on the same day to place the order! Friends' was amazed as they had anticipated that it would take at least a month to raise the funds. Soon they were measuring Napoleon for his new set of legs with great excitement. The 30-45 days that it would take to manufacture his custom-made set of wheels could not go fast enough.

When the cart finally arrived everyone sprang into action. With Napoleon unaware that within minutes he would be able to walk again on his own, he sat patiently while HSTJ volunteers fastened the cart. After at least 90 days of dragging himself around, all it took was a few tentative steps and Napoleon was on the move! The moment was captured on tape with music to match the momentous occasion.  Please enjoy!

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Comment by Patti Park on October 2, 2012 at 2:50pm

What a wonderful and heart-warming article.  Just love the video.  Makes your heart fill good and nice to know that there are kind and compassionate souls out there to help out our 4-legged friends.  If you are feeling down, just watch this video for a major pick me up.

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