La Mesa Police Captain Thrust Into Unexpected Role

LA JOLLA -- La Mesa Police Capt. David Bond got up Saturday he decided to throw on a sports coat and head to La Jolla to attend a seminar that was to feature District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, City Police Chief Bill Landsdowne and drug treatment expert Scott Silverman.
"I thought I'd see if this was something we could use in La Mesa,'' he said.
But when Landsdowne was suddenly unable to attend, Bond found himself plucked out of the audience by City Club President George Mitrovich and quietly asked if he could help provide the police perspective in a discussion of the current epidemic in drug abuse.
"My wife told me I should have worn a tie,'' Bond said as he joined Dumanis and Silverman on the dais.

 For the next 90 minutes Bond (speaking in photo above) explained the impact officers are seeing as the abuse of prescription medicines has led to a boom in cheaper heroin among addicts.
Bond, Dumanis and Silverman traced the impact of this drug abuse cycle on local crime rates and the work-load in the courts and the struggle to find adequate treatment for the addicted.
Bond has worked closely with county, state and federal drug enforcement officials in drug efforts and was able to fully play Lansdowne's role at this City Club meeting held at La Jolla Country Day School.
Knowing he was speaking to an audience filled with students and their parents, Bond wasn't reluctant to remind the parents that, unlike police, they are not restricted by the 4th amendment and have the right to keep close contact with their children's possessions and communications as they wend their way through the temptations and peer-pressure of teen life today. The point wasn't missed by parents or the students.

Mitrovich and Dumanis publicly thanked Bond for his able if impromptu performance and following the presentation, Bond found himself surrounded (below) by Country Day Mock Trial team students who wanted advice on presenting evidence in court. Not the Saturday Bond expected when he headed west this morning.

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Comment by Batman on February 26, 2014 at 7:28pm

Well, I'm sorry Chris for accusing you of being a bobbyphile (having an irrational love of policemen), it isn't such a bad thing anyway. What I'm more concerned about is you may be promoting hoplophobia (an irrational fear of guns). If you do have a firearm on the premises that you are not familiar with or adept at using it is prudent to turn it over to the police department or seek their advice in disposing of it. But before we all hand over our guns to our 'authorities' consider first we have over 130 registered street gangers living right here in La Mesa, and only 68 policemen on our force. Our police and fire departments do an excellent job, they always have. But when the manure really hits the fan they most likely won't be there for us, simply because there aren't enough of them. These street gangers have absolutely no fear of guns, nor any fear of using them to commit violent crimes. And, I won't deny being a homiephobe (fear of street gangers).

Comment by chris shea on February 25, 2014 at 1:53pm

Hey Jim, please don't confuse gratitude with worship. There's a big difference.  And I acknowledge the sacrifice of our military as well, never letting any person in uniform pass by without thanking him or her for what they do for our country.  Again, gratitude.  Not worship. Big difference.

Comment by Batman on February 25, 2014 at 12:19am

I'm getting a little sick of this cop worship and fireman worship. They are both noble callings without a doubt, but they are also very well paid. Our military is not doing nearly as well, and after today's news things are looking even worse for them. Those of you who know where I work may be surprised by this comment. But I'm telling you knock off the worship, it's not healthy.

Oh, Chris, you should go target shooting with me sometime.

Comment by chris shea on February 23, 2014 at 8:38am
Captain Bond is a perfect representative of the very best in law enforcement. I had occasion to meet him when I came across a rifle that had been stored in my garage. I was petrified to handle it and he was thoughtful, patient and told me step by step what to do. I was grateful for his professional skill and assistance. He is an asset to our police department and to the citizens as well, tie or no tie!

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