La Mesa Downtown Streetscape Nears Completion

La Mesa Downtown Streetscape Project

The city installed new sidewalk dining areas as part of the streetscape project.

During the city council meeting last night, Public Works Director Greg Humora detailed the work that will occur during the final phase of the 16 month downtown streetscape project.   Humora explained the last phase of construction will include grinding asphalt street down to the original concrete street before pouring new asphalt, laying brick crosswalks and planting trees in specially designed units, called silva cells, to mitigate invasive roots from destroying streets and sidewalks.  Humora stated that the street work would occur at night, allowing traffic to flow during the day. 

Trees will be planting in protective silva cells

The 5 million dollar downtown streetscape project began in late August of 2014.
The objective of the project was to revitalize and beautify the downtown area, to enhance its sense of place, to improve its status as a destination, and to solidify its identity as La Mesa’s city center. The list of improvements included:

  • Enhanced crosswalks and pedestrian linkages
  • Sidewalks, curb and gutter, and pedestrian ramps  
  • Landscaping and street trees.
  • New lighting
  • New benches, trash receptacles and recycling containers
  • Street signs, pedestrian and vehicular directional signage

As this project nears completion, the much awaited La Mesa Centennial project has begun.  Dubbed The Lookout by local artists Jesus (Jess) Dominguez,  Mary Lynn Dominguez,  and Amy Dominguez, the Centennial legacy installation will be permanently constructed in the small "island" at the eastern end of Allison Avenue at the intersection with La Mesa Boulevard and 4th Street. 

Construction begins on Legacy Project.

The Dominquez’s project design was selected in 2012.  A historic gazebo will be constructed to include historic references to the city's first 100 years and will include a seating area, landscape and a signature large snail, a reference to the helix-shelled native of this area that gave Mt. Helix its name.  The entire downtown project is scheduled to be completed by December. 

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Comment by Matthew Smith on October 23, 2015 at 2:07am

   I walk through the downtown La Mesa area on a daily basis. I am really enjoying the way the project has evolved. We will look back at the minor inconveniences of the construction and say it was all well worth it. When it's all said and done our community will be big city beautiful with small community charm. I love what's taking


Comment by Lisa Moore on October 21, 2015 at 5:29pm

Thank you Frank Dittmer for the explanation of the 3 tall poles on either side of La Mesa Blvd. @ Acadia. Will look forward to seeing the the white lights when they are up and on.

Comment by chris shea on October 21, 2015 at 4:03pm

A man came into my store today and introduced himself.  He lives in Ocean Beach.  He just wanted to tell me--out of the blue--how great the changes are here in our little village.  He was looking for a coffee shop and I sent him up the way to the one with the mannequin out front.  He said it was a charming place we live in.  I told him the 3 year old trees are going in soon and can be seen in the lot where all the DMI equipment is stored.  I see the little lights are going up too.  Such happiness!

It takes patience but we all can stand to exercise that grace.

Comment by chris shea on October 16, 2015 at 1:06pm

Good comments, Frank.  I knew the crosswalk could not possibly be finished.  DMI does amazing work and there's no way anything is going to be half-done.  

Comment by Frank Robert Dittmer on October 15, 2015 at 5:34pm

HI guys,  the brick crosswalk on Date and La Mesa Blvd.  is not completed which is why it looks like it does.  The brickwork will be corrected once the street re-pavement is completed.  The brick crosswalk will continue across La Mesa Blvd. and connect with the sidewalk on the north side of the street.  The three tall posts on either side of La Mesa Blvd. with house three strings of white lights which will cross the street as an entrance and exit to the Village area.

Comment by Bruce Baraw on October 14, 2015 at 5:37pm

The workmanship quality is disappointing in the crosswalk crossing La Mesa Blvd. at Date Ave.  On the south side of the crosswalk the pavement is uneven (the brickwork isn't aligned with the pavement). This is a tripping hazard, and may be frightening to people using wheelchairs or other mobility aides. Given the money and time spent, I would expected better quality control.

Comment by Lisa Moore on October 14, 2015 at 1:35pm

Looking forward to the completion of Streetscape!!   I use Acacia Ave. to reach my home, and it has been shut off for awhile up to Lemon.  Also, I'm curious as to the 3 or 4 tall posts at Acacia and La Mesa Blvd.  What are they being used for?  Look strange just being there with no purpose.

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