How would you like to live in a land run and totally controlled by the insane? How about a place ruled and governed by bloated, self-important, posturing toad lookalikes never sure of what to do next and relying upon gossip and rumor from equally stupid neighbors for far reaching decisions which do and will impact the lives of every other "citizen"? How about this ruling class making itself so insulated from the great unwashed mobs by millions of pages of laws and regulations, perhaps 95% of them meaningless and unenforceable, that virtually nothing moves or operates in this country primarily BECAUSE of these rules and regulations? Suppose, in this land, the King, himself important only within his immediate circles and laughed at by everyone else, appoints equally inept and self-serving poseurs to strut and produce even more rules, laws and regulations whilst wallowing in uncountable millions stolen from the "citizens" by ever increasing crushing taxes. Assume that within this gigantic bubble of corruption and greed there exists one appointed "leader", himself, a throwback to feather festooned, patchouli reeking hippies worshiping Gaia who has surrounded himself with like minded souls. Their every thought, effort and deed is to return the nation to a pre-Industrial Revolution era in order to "save and protect" the environment. Now, lets pretend there exists in this madness a dwindling population of individuals still striving to endure, to eke out an existence for themselves and their families. Now, because of the insane "leader" and his equally insane cronies in this department foresworn to oppose almost all things beneficial, names and highly personal information is released to equally minded hippie-types opening the possible floodgates to the calibre of hatred and bigoted retaliation witnessed daily coming from like-minded government "officials" and hate mongers and radically supported by a fawning press corps. (Oh, thats pronounced 'core' NOT 'corpse')  Now, finally, suppose we call these people being victimized "Farmers".

Of course this is an exercise in craziness. Imagine a government or a government agency that could actually do something like this. Imagine a government agency like the IRS that willingly and gleefully attacks and destroys citizens of their own country. Imagine a government that would even consider using an agency like the IRS as a blunt instrument with which to destroy. Huh. Imagine that. Now, imagine an agency, oh say, lets call it perhaps, "The Environmental Protection Agency" that would even consider releasing this personal and individual information on American Farmers, probably many of which actually were stupid enough to vote to support this type of government, But what can "farmers" do? They have no say in the storm trooper operation of the EPA. That everyone knows their personal business now is of no concern to the National Socialist Democrats. They deny the actions then smugly announce that nothing released can be of any harm. Of course, because they are the experts. They are the appointed ones serving the corruption called "Government". Reminds one somewhat of a certain self-appointed guardian of safety, a newspaper in New Jersey, that decided to release names and personal information regarding gun owners and damn any dangerous results. Silly ole gun owners, silly ole farmers. Why should they have any complaints? After all, "Government" is the important thing. What could be more important than this in the LAND OF THE INSANE? We know the Emperor has no clothes but those genuflecting constantly certainly will not tell him. Why, this is the land of the insane. See the brave and proud banners waving proclaiming our profuse apologies to the planet for being such rats? Ah, those imaginary places we only dream of. Funny ole "Land Of The Insane".

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