Fair Trade Go Away, Don't Come Back Another Day

The Fair Trade folks Nancy Ryan and Anne Pacheco are at it again trying to lobby the City Council to have the city of La Mesa labeled as a "Fair Trade" city after getting shot down once. Why don't you people just concentrate your efforts on getting more stores to carry fair trades products and leave the City out of this.  Your doctrine on your website and all your literature might indicate your cause is one of a religious zealot and maybe you are.  Stop trying to convert the world by labeling cities.  That should not be your mission.  As soon as you understand the citizens of La Mesa don't want to be labeled anything other than the Jewel of the Hills, the quicker you can put forth your efforts to really helping out the under-priviledged third world by getting their products promoted although there is a lot of questions whether that is really the mission of fair trade





Please go away so we can all get on to more important things.

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Comment by Russell Buckley on September 15, 2012 at 1:13pm

Well said Dave. Marketing a brand is not a responsibility of the City Council. Even were this brand perfectly efficient in accomplishing its mission (and there are many legitimate questions about the effectiveness of Fair Trade), it would not be appropriate for the City to endorse it above other organizations. There are lots of great charities available to help the disadvantaged - we can all rattle off many names. The citizens of this wonderful city don't need the City Council to suggest to us how to spend our money or to speak for us in endorsing a particular brand. 

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