Citizens Move To Form Taxpayer Watchdog Group

LA MESA -- A group of La Mesans and other East County residents are attempting to form a special taxpayers' watchdog group.
In a press announcement, filed with on Sunday, La Mesa resident David Smyle, said the purpose of the group is to research and highlight governmental excesses and to spur more community involvement in local politics.
"We are in the early stages of forming an east county taxpayer group to bring to light excesses and abuses by any east county public agency," Smyle wrote in a submission to Smyle is a member of the non-partisan on-line community.
"The informal group will focus on ways to educate the public about government run wild and try to force change when needed through public participation," Smyle added. "If interested in being part of the group or staying informed on information and events, send an email with your contact information to is strength in numbers. Just ask Egypt. We can make a difference. Get involved.''

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Comment by Craig S. Maxwell on February 14, 2011 at 4:10pm
This group will be a most welcome bulwark against La Mesa's tax hiking mayor and council. Had they been around back November of '08, we might've been (more) successful in exposing Prop. L for the scam that it was/is.
Comment by David Stanley on February 14, 2011 at 4:11am
I have submitted my name for inclusion.  David Stanley

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