On a day when an entire state and most of the sane people in the nation pause to grieve and memorialize the massive loss of life and property in Texas following a tragic explosion and fire, the ugly head of gleeful depravity and giggling looks out and shouts, "Hah! Its his fault and its funny!"  The Sacramento Bee, a yellow journalism effort from one of the many beds of Political Correctness and radicalism here in our own Socialist controlled state of California happily printed the following:

The Editor of said rag embraced the hate monger cartoonist in his depiction of Governor Rick Perry's blatant lack of concern and disregard which resulted in the incident and deaths. Perry, that stupid, stupid man, for months now has stood and pointed the finger at the state of California for its confiscatory taxes, its ridiculous laws and miles of regulations, its every effort seemingly to drive its citizens from the state or steal from them until they concede and sign up for public assistance, a win for the Socialist State lead by Commissar Jerry Brown. Perry has continued to invite businesses and private citizens to come to Texas where there is no State Theft (oops, I mean tax), where businesses can thrive rather than go under. So, propaganda outlets like the Sacramento Bee, the San Francisco Chronicle, The L.A. Times, whatever latest red banner newspaper flourishes now in Berkeley, etc. decry Texas' success and the fact that citizens and businesses ARE leaving California for Texas!

When questioned by real news reporters, the Editor of the Sacramento Bee stood behind his fellow socialist, the cartoonist. The Cartoonist told reporters that he thought the Anti-Christ Perry, who by the way stands against everything his Dear Leaders, Obama and Brown represents, was responsible for the deaths because he refused to enact the type of stringent regulations California would have thrust down the people's throats. It was his opinion and he had more but chose to illustrate those opinions through his "art" work. It was noted that Governor Perry's call for a public apology from the Cartoonist and the newspaper itself fell on totally deaf ears, those calls being, no doubt, drowned out by the peals of laughter from the radicals in our own dear state.

So Texas citizens grieve and mourn whilst Californians chuckle at the wit of one their own Socialist "news" outlets. We live in great times, what?

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