Man Assaulted, Robbed Near La Mesa Vons

LA MESA -- Police are seeking two robbers who assaulted a man in the Vons shopping center and stole his wallet and cell phone.

Police said that just before 11:30 Friday night, they were called to the parking lot of the Von’s grocery store at 8011 University Avenue to investigate an assault. During the investigation, officers discovered that the victim had actually been robbed of his property by two unknown assailants.

The victim reported to police that he was walking to his vehicle when he was attacked from behind by two unknown males. The victim was struck in the face and knocked to the ground, and during the attack, the two suspects stole the victim’s cell phone and wallet. The suspects were last seen running eastbound from the scene through an alley behind a neighboring store, possibly towards Orange Avenue.

The two suspects were described as males in their early twenties. One man was reported to be Hispanic and wearing a gray shirt. The other man was described as black, wearing a white t-shirt and khaki cargo shorts. No weapon was reported in this incident and the victim sustained a minor facial abrasion.

There is no further information on the two suspects at this time. Anyone with further information related to this investigation is encouraged to call the La Mesa Police Department.

You may also call Crime Stoppers’ anonymous toll-free tip line at (888) 580-TIPS (or visit You can remain anonymous, and be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 for information in this case.

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Comment by Gene Carpenter on September 2, 2013 at 10:50am
I struggle with anyone who caterorgizes others by defining them in such narrow terms. Too many people out there trolling with caustic and primal generalizations to just get attention.
Comment by David Stanley on September 1, 2013 at 10:45am

Knikki, I will try again. Set aside your Politically Correct mind set and ask any police officer the definition of "Profiling" Has NOTHING to do with arrests, only contacts.

Comment by David Stanley on September 1, 2013 at 9:50am

Gene, I responded to Knikki's empty headed challenge that all blacks and Mexicans would be arrested based on HER definition of Profiling. But, you see that my response was apparently censored. I worked with and around your "Predators" for over 33 years and your suggestion of "mentoring", whilst perhaps well meaning, is totally empty in actual application. If you spent any time in the communities housing these "Predators" you would realize they live in a completely different world than you or most other citizens. Also, to "Cite Anger" IS the only way to get anything accomplished in any area of deep concern, in this case, Crime and Violence. Unless YOU are angry you will just change the channel and take another drink of coffee. A placating, "understanding", there , there, attitude and outlook is what has dropped us in this fix in the first place. Citizen Anger should not translate into violence but action. Neighborhood groups and marching is merely a feel good activity generating laughter amoungst the thugs. When Liberals shout, "Profiling", "Who will police the police?' and shouts of Gestapo, etc. politicians hide beneath their desks and pass stupid laws further hampering law enforcement to appease the mob. Support and backing and stopping the runaway political correctness is the only way these things can be slowed. Wont be stopped, only slowed. But, the Liberal, Politically Correct mob is in control now and have their own self aggrandizing definitions of trigger words. Mobs and placquards are great photo ops and television coverage so the press leap on this and champion same. Result, La Mesa and all other Cities are cursed with your Predators and no one will make much of an effort to stop them. The Feel Good crowd will just continue to call names, point fingers and make up statistics and re-define the Constitution to support their warped world view.

Comment by David Stanley on September 1, 2013 at 8:31am

Oh, and by the way, Knikki, I suggest YOU travel over to the areas that seem to be plagued by your poor profiling victims and YOU hang out for awhile. Oh, and DO NOT CALL POLICE after YOU have been beaten and had your possessions stolen. We would not want a poor black or Mexican thug to be victimized by your nasty ole "PROFILING">

Comment by David Stanley on September 1, 2013 at 8:29am

Knikki, it is very apparent that you, like most people, get all your information regarding law enforcement from your exciting television shows and from your liberal pals. You have just exhibited that you know NOTHING about it but are one of those who, through total ignorance, just has to shoot off their mouth. Doubtful that you will understand what I am going to say but I will at least try whilst you will cocoon yourself in your self righteousness once again.

"Profiling" as regards law enforcement, is the process of acquiring situational awareness NOT ARRESTING! See Your ignorance is showing already. Arriving upon a scene, the officer scans the area for anything out of the ordinary, anything that doesnt seem to fit. In defiance of YOUR definition, it does not mean ARRESTING EVERYONE WHO IS BLACK AND MEXICAN. See? Isnt that easy? Can you say, COMMON SENSE? Notice how the foaming, radical liberals ALWAYS leap back to their preconceived ideas and definitions despite the truth?

Should I, as a police officer, drive through any area of the City and see people EXACTLY like those described in the article, exactly as described performing these violent crimes, it would be nice if I, as a police officer, used my common sense and said to myself, "Say, those two are out of the ordinary. I'd best talk to them and make sure they are just passing through". THAT IS "PROFILING". Notice, setting aside your personal political bias, that I did not say, "Hey, there's two guys dressed like those described as robbing people. I'd better arrest them. This will be good. They're black and Mexican"?

To ARREST, the officer MUST, by law, have PROBABLE CAUSE, a reason. Not just the guy is black of brown. Thats pretty stupid, but perhaps, not knowing anything apart from your television shows, you just dont know that! If you would stop playing at your liberal politics and try to educate yourself you would perhaps realize the make believe stuff on television is all out of the minds of civilian writers and does not exist in the real world. The "good ones and the bad ones" only exist ON YOUR TELEVISION. Try talking to a cop sometime or would that spoil your world view?

Comment by Gene Carpenter on September 1, 2013 at 7:41am
Chuck, there are all forms of Predators out there in our big, bad, and scary world! Perhaps getting involved in volunteering and mentoring in some youth program would be a positive and tangible solution to what is obviously an increasingly unsettling world for you! Citing anger and spreading disgust for those that are different from you is no solution. It doesn't solve problems, it creates problems. Get out there and make it better by channeling that energy into helping people not hating them.
Comment by chuck dunn on August 31, 2013 at 6:06pm
Comment by chris shea on August 31, 2013 at 1:21pm
Very well said Knikki. I second your question.
Comment by knikki royster on August 31, 2013 at 12:21pm
Ok I'll bite...

Should we arrest ALL blacks & Mexicans? How do we differentiate "the good ones" from "bad ones" Mr. Stanley?
Comment by David Stanley on August 31, 2013 at 8:54am

Here is the perfect example why the Politically Correct mob shriek and foam at the mouth when police might actually use "Profiling". This incident could perhaps have been headed off if the idiots and moron in our society were not so stupid. And then there are the police. When a pair like this is seen what do they do? Why, NOTHING. There's no law prohibiting their action. Only Cowardice and Meekness on the part of the Police Administrators and the laziness of the officers. Gotta write those tickets though so they can generate the money for the politicians.

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