Police Recover Gun, Shooter At Large

LA MESA -- Police units and helicopters were busy Saturday evening searching for a gunman after a report of shots fired along El Cajon Boulevard in La Mesa.

Police said that at about 7:30 Saturday evening, a report of shots fired in the 7500 block of El Cajon Boulevard came in to police. According to witnesses there was a fight that started inside the Vanish Hookah Lounge. The fight spilled outside and a black male wearing dark clothing began shooting towards the business. No one was injured during the shooting. Several witnesses saw the suspect running northbound down Comanche Drive from the area. During a search of the area with the assistance of San Diego police, a gun was located and recovered. However, the shooting suspect was not located and is still at large.

The suspect is described as a black male adult, approximately 6 feet tall, 250 pounds. The suspect was last seen wearing a blue shirt and dark pants.

The investigation is continuing. Anyone with information is urged to call the La Mesa Police Department at (619) 667-1400.

You may also call Crime Stoppers’ anonymous toll-free tip line (888) 580-TIPS (or www.sdcrimestoppers.com). You can remain anonymous, and be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case.




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Comment by knikki royster on September 3, 2013 at 7:52pm
We have many "resident" homeless in this area (I live in The Village as well). Does anybody remember Bloody Larry or Suitcase Dude? Now we have Dreadlock Jesus...

Anyway- I'm with Susan. I bought a house here 12 years ago- crime was low, schools were good. Now after a fat tax increase we have fancy, but apparently empty new & GRAND police station & Fire!! But crime is through the roof & getting worse daily.

How many ghetto birds were there over this three day weekend?!?!?
Comment by David Stanley on September 2, 2013 at 9:10pm

Russell, reference the out of control, runaway pension problems, all over the country I might add, I fear you can place the blame directly on unions and politicians so anxious to appease those unions. For years I ranted and raved at negotiation time that SDPD should, MUST ask for family benefits rather than ever higher salaries and retirement dollars.  Of course City Hall generally gave in because of the pressure from the police union. You see the results of unions and corrupt City officials?  Its the same with most other depts.

So far as education coupled with "self worth" and a sense of right or wrong? Well ... The Race Industry and corrupt politicians, coupled with unions again, in this case teacher's unions, have put paid to that dream. Its better to keep people on the dole and dependent whilst ensuring votes for the Democrat Party from the stupid ones with their hands out all the time. Also, as government continues to steal and destroy the "family" and everything about it businesses are forced now, primarily because of pending ObamaCare, to throw more and more workers out of full time jobs into part time to ensure continuation of their businesses. Cut to less than living wages, many, those that still work and not suck at the the public teat,  must turn to more lucrative sources for income. Narcotics sales are excellent revenue generators, producing far more money than any job. So ... tell me about "right from wrong" given that scenario. Oh, and for many, maybe most, its far easier to beat hell out of an old person and rob them than to put in a day's work. More leizure time also. See, there are great benefits in criminal activities over an honest day's work. So, "right and wrong"? You tell me.

Comment by Russell Buckley on September 2, 2013 at 12:03pm
Certainly the preferred way to end the problem of crime is to improve education so that everyone graduates with a marketable skill and a good sense of right and wrong. That will, at best, take time. While we are waiting, the next best solution is an adequate size police force. Unfortunately public sector employees across our state have bargained for and been given increased salaries and benefits to the point that we can barely afford the employees we have now. Pensions alone cost La Mesa over $6 million annually. Were we to spend an amount for pensions equivalent to what is common in the private sector that cost would be reduced to just over $2 million. The additional four million dollars could pay for an additional 27 police officers. We must get public sector salaries and benefits back to market levels.
Comment by Scott H. Kidwell on September 2, 2013 at 9:56am

With over $30 million in unfunded pension liability debt the must yearly pay on, don't count on additional police officers anytime soon.

Comment by David Stanley on September 2, 2013 at 8:59am

Batman, the cry of "Disproportionate Percentage" seems to peel like a bell and is clutched to the breasts of the Race Industry and the gullible. Why do you suppose black men compose such a high percentage of incarcerations? Why, because they are the ones perpetrating so many crimes. It is NOT because of the so called "Racist Society". If whites or Hispanics perpetrated as much crime as seen in communities all over the country they THEY would comprise the majority. No one singles them out. They choose their own actions. And, so far as your "Good Attorneys", these are generally the ones who succeed in getting their clients freed to once again prey upon society. It is not a "Black" thing but a "Criminal" thing.

Comment by jean marmet on September 1, 2013 at 8:54pm

Thank You for saying the WAY it is!

Comment by Susan Brinchman on September 1, 2013 at 7:57am

La Mesa is becoming a very dangerous place to live, especially around the La Mesa Springs Shopping Center, downtown, Grossmont Center parking lot, La Mesa Blvd, El Cajon Blvd and University Ave. Every day seems to bring reports of assaults that are physical, with knives or guns, thefts of wallets and cell phones, and holdups of businesses. We are beseiged by people with signs standing on intersections and medians who are a public nuisance. One such person, a young woman, who has worked the intersection at Jackson and Center Drive for three years, deliberately makes herself look scruffy so she can get sympathy. I have seen her walking along another street with her boyfriend and both of them looked clean and as normal as any college students. It is only too easy to come into La Mesa and victimize us here because we tolerate it. The police department needs to establish a constant presence in the La Mesa Springs Shopping Center, Grossmont mall area, and along University and El Cajon Blvd. If there are businesses that attract crime, these should be monitored and perhaps closed. We need to have laws against dangerous occupation of medians and harassment of drivers by people begging money, etc. We have close relatives who are unable to drive due to disabilities and live near La Mesa Springs shopping center, a Mecca for those who freely rob and assault La Mesa residents on a daily basis (one block from the expensive Taj Mahal of a police department). They are afraid to go grocery shopping at Vons, afraid to walk the streets. Police need to be more vigilant and establish a presence, park conspicuously there and be a deterrant at all times. The owners of La Mesa Springs and Grossmont Mall need to hire security 24/7 in enough numbers to assure the safety of their customers especially in the parking lots by their cars. La Mesa was a nice place to live, now it is turning into something quite the opposite. La Mesa residents need to tell the mayor, the city council, the police, and the owners of these hotbeds of crime that they demand protection. We shouldn't have to stay in our homes fearful of taking a walk or going out at night. This is WRONG. Wake up, La Mesa, or we'll lose the nice city to criminals and opportunists.

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