"Corruption", THE definition of today's press

Now you've seen all four of the debates. And now you've heard, seen and read the reports and opinions. And, unless you are a steadfast member of the National Socialist Democrat Party, you wonder just exactly what has happened. At least half, perhaps more than half, of the nation's population have, for over four years now, been in a constant worshipful swoon over one they devoutly felt was the new Messiah. And this includes nearly ALL of the nation's press. Nearly all, but thank God NOT ALL! We have watched daily, hourly, as members of the press (Note: I do not refer to them as "reporters) also swoon, and report tingles in their legs and loudly shout the Party talking points as though they themselves were reporting news. Tonight I learned something important whilst watching perhaps the only news outlet not rotten with corruption. Tonight breaking news reported that emails were written and received by the State Department - IN REAL TIME - reporting the ongoing attack of the Benghazzi Consulate. I'll repeat that - REAL TIME!. These reports came into the White House Situation Room as well as State Department offices - IN REAL TIME! Oh, sorry, that means whilst it is happening. The Secretary of Defense was aware. The Secretary of State was aware, White House Administration was aware. The White House Press Corps was aware. And what happened? Well, you know what happened and continues to happen even during the Monday night Presidential Debate. YOUR MESSIAH continued to lie. And what is worse than that, the corrupt press championed his lies.

"Corruption" is defined as lack of integrity or honesty. Use of a position of trust for dishonest gain. The perversion of moral principles.


Our nation was founded and based upon integrity and honesty. The government was established in three branches in order to separate powers to jointly seek the welfare of the citizens. You know the branches and their tasks but there is a fourth: The Press. The "Press" is afforded freedom of speech so that they may be the watchdogs of our government. They were tasked to be the check and balance, to root out governmental corruption and deception and tell the nation. They were tasked to listen and watch then report to US! But along with this Freedom of speech came the fine line between honesty and integrity and corruption. A few years ago the National Socialist Democrats, in desperation, began a campaign announcing that should Republicans win the White House "Black churches would be burned" and the national press reported this as "news" in effort to assist their chosen candidate and defeat the Republican contender. Worked too. The public was too stupid to realize that corruption was at play and were suckered right into voting for BUBBA. Throughout the current campaign, which has been ongoing on the part of the National Socialists for well over four years, this same national press has continued to vilify, mock, demean, deflect and outright lie - all in the name of "Freedom of Speech" - in order to further the agenda of their chosen Messiah, who himself has practiced lies and deceit throughout his life. This then is the definition of "corruption".  MSNBC proudly announces daily its support of its blatantly racist and radical agenda in its support of the continuing lies of their Messiah. Their spokesman, Chris Matthew, leads the cheer in mockery, slander, defamation, and lies followed very closely by the team on "THE VIEW".

Corruption has become the "New Normal" We accept it, We expect it. We use corruption to base our own decisions and ultimately our votes. Corruption now seems to be the air we breathe. Ask any union member, particularly any union official. Thats how we get things done. We think up the most outlandish lies, spew them on a gullible public and we have their instant support. Are you following the race between Bilbray and Peters? The race between DiMaio and Peters. Excellent examples of what I am talking about. How closely have you been following the events "reported" by the national press? Compare and contrast efforts to promote agenda versus constant mockery, defamation, demeaning slander, laughter and provable ( and often proven ) lies!Sounds rather like Nazi Germany doesnt it? Are you watching and listening to the moron YOU elected as Vice President? And YOUR press continues to "Report".  Are you smart enough to see through this or are you one of the many who blindly accept what you are told and march along singing Horst Wiesel?


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