LA MESA -- It's quiet out in front of my store today.  The past three days have been a symphony of motors and back-up beeps and digging, chopping, scraping and dumping tons of concrete sidewalks and curbs, parking meter poles and other underground treasures into sturdy dump trucks.

So today I can wander around the middle of the street with no cars or heavy equipment to worry about.  It's like Oktoberfest without the Kettle Corn and sausages, Christmas in the Village without the fire pits and Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

The corollary to "the time to break down" is "the time to build up."  We are still at the break down stage here after a mere three days of noisy activity.   After the predicted rains come, there will probably be a drying out time too, but I don't find "a time to dry out" in the Scriptures.  Well the whole Noah thing, but that's not particularly relevant here...

For every five people who stop in my store and say how much they hate this Project, there is one who says,

"Don't you just love how this is going to turn out?"  And then I am compelled to show them my Richard Scarry book in the window and point out my new little plastic dump truck.  I can't help it.  I believe in progress, even when it brings a little chaos in its wake.  It makes me happy, because it shows even more life will begin to sprout here in our Village.

Yesterday when I got to work I had to have someone escort me to my store because there was not yet a little path to traverse from street to front door.  Now there is.  The nice thing about being escorted?  I got to meet a very nice man who was watchful for me weaving through a couple of huge pieces of equipment.  So polite, but the courtesy of all these guys doing the work is pretty wonderful so I could not say he was an exception.  They're all gracious.  And professional.  And if you've not watched two men operating two pieces of huge equipment working together toward a common goal, you have missed out.  It's a thing behold.

So that's it from Lifesighs after Week One.  I can only imagine what subsequent weeks will hold as the process of change continues.  And remember, all of us who have stores behind the barriers are still open for business. I think I'll bring popcorn on Monday if anyone wants to stop in and look out from my vantage.  It will be "a time to snack*" here at Lifesighs.

*I don't think that's in the Scriptures either...

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Comment by chris shea on February 27, 2015 at 5:31pm
I'm sure there are some new trees just itching to show up soon. Even a few that will shed their leaves.
Thanks Lisa!
Comment by Lisa Moore on February 27, 2015 at 5:28pm

Chris, love your messages and stories.  I'll know you will survive the disruption as you have a great attitude!  Keep us posted even though I am going thru the Village a lot of days and keep track on what is happening.  I really do miss the big tree that is now gone that was in front of Cosmos (I thinks). 

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