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Heartland Fire & Rescue

Underground Tank Issue Draws Firefighters

LA MESA -- (Updated 2/5/2015 at 10:30 a.m.) Firefighters from Heartland Fire & Rescue were at the scene of a hazardous material call Thursday morning.

La Mesa police said the incident involved an underground tank and was located near La Mesa Boulevard and 4th Street.

La Mesa Assistant Fire Chief Greg McAlpin said laborers working on the…


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La Mesa City Council

Talking Short Term Troubles, Long Term Hopes

LA MESA -- That 300 airplanes landed safely at Lindburgh Field is not news.

That one plane crashes, is huge news.

With that in mind, herewith the real news from the La Mesa City Council's five-hour strategic planning…


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Weekly Crime Report

Special Enforcement Leads To 59 Speeding Tickets

LA MESA -- Making use of a grant for stepped up enforcement, the La Mesa police on Friday ran special anti-speeding sweeps while shoppers were busy heading to and from Black Friday shopping events.

The "Traffic Safety Enforcement…


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Weekly Crime Report

Police Warn High School Lot Motorists

LA MESA -- Police are warning motorists in local high school parking lots that the rules of the road apply there and will be enforced. Police are also warning about steps you can take to avoid be victims of holiday scammers at this time of…


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La Mesa Politics

Dean Takes Another Run At Council

LA MESA -- Patrick Dean, the La Mesa resident who lost in his first bid for City Council two years ago, has spent the last two  years attending virtually every council meeting, meeting with local residents and learning more about his adopted home city.…


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La Mesa Village Development

Car Show Stuck In First Gear

LA MESA -- The annual Back To The 50s Car Show is supposed to start in La Mesa in just over two weeks, but the regular Thursday night summer event may be delayed for several weeks.

And when it does begin, it will be a scaled back event, missing many of the…


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La Mesa Politics

 Allan Targeting State Assembly Seat

LA MESA -- Dave Allan, a three-term City Council member in La Mesa, announced during Tuesday's meeting that he intends to run for the State Assembly in its new 79th district.

Allan, 56, who…


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Downtown Parking

Parking Study Questions Need For Garage

LA MESA -- An analysis of downtown La Mesa parking shows the city's parking spots are only about 75 percent full at its peak and that if there is a need for a parking garage, it is still years away.…


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Oktoberfest Wars

El Cajon Claims "True Oktoberfest"

LA MESA -- It was quiet in downtown La Mesa today, except for the whirring sounds of machines preparing La Mesa Boulevard for the three-day influx of thousands of visitors for the annual Oktoberfest later this week.

But just a bit east of La…


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Boot Camp Update

By Gina Garcia


MT. HELIX -- If you think life is short, join a fat flushing boot camp. We began following Jake Glaze's Adventure program last Monday at 5:45 a.m. and the intervening week felt like a month.

After a few outings, the first light of day started to feel like the finger's of death clawing at your hamstrings and tendons.

It truly…


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Helix Water District

Water Costs, Rates Rising In La Mesa

LA MESA -- We had a wet winter. Local residents continue to conserve water at a great rate. And water rates are headed up again.

The Helix Water District Board heard the rate study report Wednesday which included a…


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Economy’s ‘Second Wave’ Hitting Schools

LA MESA – The economic recession that devastated local real estate and other companies over the last 24 months is now spreading its venom through the public sector. The most obvious victims – our public schools.

The decline in state revenues and the limitations of the famed Proposition 13 have resulted in a wave of new cuts rolling downhill from Sacramento like a financial tsunami. As we speak:

 The La Mesa-Spring Valley school board is readying layoff notices to… Continue

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