November 2012 La Mesa Blog Posts (63)

Cuyamaca College

Keeping It Green Fair, Symposium Planned

CUYAMACA COLLEGE -- Cuyamaca College, known throughout the state for its longtime commitment to the green movement, is hosting its third annual Sustainability Symposium Thursday, Dec. 13, at the college’s performing arts theater.…


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East County Arts

Living In A Winter Wonder Jam

CUYAMACA COLLEGE -- Like the incessant sounds of a metronome, the clock is ticking for music students working behind the scenes on the Winter Wonder Jam -- Cuyamaca College’s answer to Lollapalooza -- set for Friday, Dec. 7, in the performing arts theater.…


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La Mesa Business

Old Problems Plague Merchants' Group

LA MESA -- The stage was set Thursday to be a good night for the La Mesa Village Merchants Association.…


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La Mesa Crime

Arrest Rates In La Mesa, San Diego At New Lows

LA MESA -- Arrest rates for both adults and juveniles across San Diego County decreased by double digits in 2011, with the decreases holding true for all age and ethnic groups, as well as both felonies and misdemeanors, according to an…


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La Mesa City Council

Peace And Brevity Reign

LA MESA -- It was as if the holidays and the season of goodwill started early this year. The City Council met and handled an agenda so routine and uneventful that the whole meeting was over in little more than an hour.

No sniping. No big criticisms from any…


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Weekly Crime Report

Special Enforcement Leads To 59 Speeding Tickets

LA MESA -- Making use of a grant for stepped up enforcement, the La Mesa police on Friday ran special anti-speeding sweeps while shoppers were busy heading to and from Black Friday shopping events.

The "Traffic Safety Enforcement…


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La Mesa Business

Swami's About To Expand In Village

LA MESA -- Good news for patrons of the popular La Mesa Village restaurant, Swami's. Workers are currently putting on the finishing touches and will soon break through the wall to expand the restaurant by more than 60 seats.

Restaurant manager…


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A Muslim World?

Years ago I watched a great film, "Lawrence of Arabia", wherein, having defeated the foe, the Arabs gathered together in a great hall to form a just and fair government. Lawrence, sitting in awe of what was transpiring, looked about aghast and in wonder of the towering childlike stupidity he was witnessing. The Arabs, gathered in their tribes, sat in specific locations and screamed at one another like ill behaving…


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Crime Watch

Car Burglars Arrested At Grossmont Center

LA MESA -- Grossmont Mall Security staff is being credited with spotting a suspicious vehicle early Friday morning, leading to the arrest of two accused car burlgars.

Police said that at about 4:07 a.m.  Grossmont Mall Security observed a suspicious vehicle in the mall parking lot at 5500 Grossmont Center Drive. Two male subjects were observed tampering with a…


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La Mesa Athletics

Perhaps Some Pickleball With Your Turkey?

LA MESA -- Wander down Palm Avenue in La Mesa and glance left toward the tennis courts in Collier Park and you're likely to see a…


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Giving Thanks La Mesa

Ten Things For Which We Are Thankful

LA MESA -- The shelving crews at Ralphs, Vons and Trader Joe's have been working overtime.

Shoppers have been camping outside La Mesa Best Buy for five days (see photo above).

 Christmas ground zero -- ToysRUs -- has been stacking…


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Crime Watch

Resident Spots, Cops Arrest Car Burglars

LA MESA -- On Monday , at approximately 1:29 a.m. a resident looked out her window and observed someone breaking into her locked vehicle that was parked in the 8400 block of Hillcrest Avenue. The resident quickly called the police and provided detailed information to the dispatchers.

The detailed information helped the officer’s response to the area. As the…


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The Great Satan - Wal Mart

How can we continue to allow this scourge on the Amerikan family to exist? This black abyssal entity, reeking of corruption, spreading its tentacles of hatred and putrification throughout our nation and our communities must be attacked and driven back to the depths from whence it crawled. Owners and leaders of the filthy organization must be chastised or taken from our presence less they perpetuate the continued…


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La Mesa Scenes

A Bit Early For Easter

LA MESA -- member Judi Burnett caught this scene recently at Lake Murray.

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Weekly Crime Report

Tips For Avoiding Robberies During Holidays

LA MESA -- Holiday shopping season this year comes amid a spate of purse snatchings in and around La Mesa shopping districts. Robberies have included incidents in which the robbers reach out of a passing car and grab a purse from an unsuspecting…


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La Mesa Health Care

Sharp Acquires New da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System

LA MESA - – Now, patients in East San Diego County have access to the most advanced robotic surgery technology available…


Added by Gina Garcia on November 19, 2012 at 4:30pm — 1 Comment

Mexico rescues an icon

I know you have all seen the "news" reports of the wild and teary eyed woman bemoaning the pending loss of "Twinkies" on the American scene. The 24 hour news cycle makes sure that "all the news that is news" if force fed to the gullible American public, whether they want it or not. Day plus old Hostess stores going out of business, microphones thrust in people's faces along with cameras seeking "man on the street"…


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Gosh! Who to believe?

Lets see now. The American Consulate is attacked, the Ambassador and three others murdered. Unmanned drones overhead videoing the incident, live video feed electronically sent to the crowded White House Situation Room where it is viewed in real time by all that really matter in the Administration. CIA analysts preparing and rapidly sending updates to the White House, even as cries for help are received (and ignored I…


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La Mesa Weekend

Mother Goose Again To Dominate East County

EL CAJON -- One of the family friendly weekend choices in East County this week is the annual extravaganza known as The Mother Goose Parade.

Rain or shine! The 66th Annual Mother Goose Parade begins this Sunday, November 18th, at 10:00 a.m.…


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Proud to be an Amerikan

Do you remember when you were just a wee kid? I mean old enough to begin to notice things around you? Ask your parents if they remember, ask your grandparents about this.. Just thought I would start by saying that. I remember, during my pre-school days in the early 40's, seeing those bright advertisements for Wonder Bread. I liked the coloured balloons on the packets of bread. I enjoyed the signs. I couldnt read them…


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