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Its coming apart!!!

When I was a weeun, many years ago, I remember standing with my mates watching a farmer working on his tractor. Seems he was having engine problems. He could start it, keep it running by revving the engine but the whole tractor would begin to shake and pretty quick the engine would fail with a loud explosion and a puff of black smoke.  The farmer would curse, hit the tractor with a large wrench and start all over.,…


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"If you like your insurance, you'll be able to keep your insurance. If you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor".  Remember those words? YOUR president said those words in five, count them FIVE SEPARATE SPEECHES. And each time HE LIED! HE KNEW HE WAS LYING! HE LIED WITH A STRAIGHT FACE! Now, suddenly, he amends that lie by adding, "If your insurance complies with the law (read "MY…


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One Year Anniversary

One year ago on October 30, 2012, I moved into my new store at 8219 La Mesa Boulevard. La Mesa Van and Storage brought the entire contents of my previous location and unloaded it all into this cherished space on the day before Halloween. One year has passed! It’s impossible to believe.

A little while ago, I watched as two young women each picked up copies of the books I give away from their red wheelbarrow home outside the front door. One woman picked up The Adventures of Davey…


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Weekly Crime Report

Halloween Warnings From La Mesa Police

LA MESA -- City police are offering Halloween tips and warnings. See Crime Prevention below:

Case Highlights: During July through September 2013, the value of one item stolen from an unlocked vehicle or during a vehicle burglary…


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The era of Orwell

Now, I know many of you will have no idea of what I speak when I refer to George Orwell's tome, "1984". A few perhaps but I would submit that many or most just do not. The terms, "Owellian", "1984", or reference to, "Winston Smith", no, I suspect it just flies right over your heads. A few, however, will understand the references and images will instantly form in minds relating events of today with those so vividly…


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La Mesa Historic Home Tour

To see this video in full-frame, HD mode CLICK HERE.

Discovering Classic Jewels In These Hills

LA MESA -- Like the subtle changing of the leaves and the…


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La Mesa Village Farmers Market

To see this video in full-screen HD mode click here.

Market Shines For Anniversary

LA MESA -- The collection of farmers, bread makers, olive oil purveyors…


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Let's Do brunch !

Planing on hosting brunch this weekend!  Here's my favorite French Toast recipe that is sure to have your guests wanting more.

Baked French Toast

Preheat oven to 350

Grease a 3-quart baking dish with 3 Tbl of melted butter

Cut one, 1-pound challah loaf ( this is a…


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Weekly Crime Report

Halloween Won't Be A Treat For Drunk Drivers

LA MESA -- Police are beefing up traffic patrols on Halloween night and are targeting drunk and distracted drivers.

See Traffic Information below.

 Case Highlights: On Saturday October 18, at approximately 6:38 P.M.,…


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Boundless Destruction

Almost daily we are faced with and forced to deal with the destruction of a nation, its economics, its medical care, its unemployment, its upward spiraling taxation, its upward spiraling prices, its conspiratorial coverups and concealment, its bald faced lies to Congress and as well as the public. The Administration, not just the president but the entire administration, from all apparent evidence and appearance, seems to be in a death spiral of vast destruction. Not…


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To La Mesa Historical Society's…


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Solar Financing Options

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La Mesa City Council

Council Votes 3-2 To Delay Term Limit Decision

LA MESA -- For the second meeting in a row, the City Council moved quietly through a routine agenda until the subject of term limits once again stirred oratory, political posturing and philosophical jousting.

Council member Kristine…


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It’s Pie in the Sky Time: Buy a Pie, Support the Work of Mama’s Kitchen

Thanksgiving is coming and the people of the United Church of Christ of La Mesa (UCCLM) invite you to let Mama do the baking this year!    Two of our members, Barbara and Ken, are again helping Mama’s Kitchen raise money to provide nutritious…


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As a life long student of history and an avid studier of the American Constitution, I sit in wonder each and every day for the past 5+ years at what has become of the American Presidency.  That one man, one single individual, one man with absolutely zero background, zero job experience, zero…


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The "Bully" phenomenon

Many definitions exist for a bully. Each person may actually have their own. We are currently being shocked and inundated daily with constant and never ending reports of bullying about the country as though it is a relatively recent phenomenon. People wail and wring their hands when their child is bullied and when, as it seems to be more frequent these days, a recipient, generally a young teenager, actually kills…


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On La Mesa Foods: Finishing Salts 101

Adding A Finishing Touch To Your Dishes

LA MESA -- Finishing salts are considered the premier varieties, the upper echelon, of specialty sea salts. They are…


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Patriots arise! Your duty is calling!!!

This is the enemy. Death is the only answer!!! The Federal Government has spoken.

Many, many years ago I used to go fishing with my father in Yellowstone park. I was really just a weeun and knew nothing about what I was doing but I still recall the thrill…


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La Mesa Business

Volunteers Welcomed For Village Lighting Effort

LA MESA -- The earliest sign of the holidays coming to the Jewel of the Hills is the sight of John Vigil and his band of helpers spending Saturday morning stringing Christmas lights through the trees along La Mesa Boulevard.

Vigil heads…


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La Mesa Village

Burying New Fiber Optics

LA MESA -- Crews worked throughout the day Friday on a trench that will eventually extend new, higher capacity fiber optics through La Mesa Village.

The project is part of a Cox Communication…


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