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Happy Halloween!


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Are you watching, are you listening?

We are down to practically hours now in the political races all about the country and the din is deafening and predictable. Are you watching,are you listening? Are you paying attention to what is happening everywhere? Did you catch the conspiracy by a CBS television station in Alaska trying to destroy the front runner, who just happens to be a Republican? Have you followed the candidates here in California wherein the Republican candidates continually attempt to discuss the problems faced and… Continue

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When artists gather

Beginning Tuesday, November 2, there will be a gathering of art that is breathtaking. I know. I had a short walk through today and, well, some of these painting have to be seen to be believed. The Foothills Art Association opens its doors once again for it annual Wildlife painting exhibit. Monday all the paintings will be up and judging will begin and the gallery will be closed. I certainly do not envy this year's judge based upon what little of the… Continue

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Prop 23 Threatens California’s Clean Energy Future

Local governments across California are facing an assault on their efforts to create green jobs and foster vital business development through clean technology industries, and it will be up to voters on November 2nd to decide its fate. Passage of Proposition 23 (the Dirty Energy Proposition) would hamper progress on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in hundreds of communities across California, while threatening new opportunities for job creation and economic… Continue

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Elevator Structure Is Rising At Grossmont

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GROSSMONT -- The elevator structure that will eventually eliminate the Everest-like climb from the Grossmont trolley stop to the nearby mall is rising. Completion is still a year away, but new artist's renditions of its final appearance are surfacing. At Tuesday's City Council meeting, city officials… Continue

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The Measured Calm Before The Election Storm

By Chris Lavin


LA MESA – Tuesday’s City Council meeting felt a little like the last class before a tough final exam.

The professor and students are there, but their minds were clearly more on the big test to come.

In the last meeting before next Tuesday’s election, the City Council incumbents took the opportunity on the cable broadcast to make a few points about their records and clear up a rumor or two that have surfaced at election forums. And some of the… Continue

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"Punish our enemies"

Just a short entry. Your President is now calling upon voters to "Punish our enemies"!!!! Dont believe this? Just happened! Thats YOUR President!!! David

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Jacob Bronowski posed the question. "Has there ever been a society that died from dissent? There have been several that have died from conformity in our times."

Therein lies the true issue of both politics and our national welfare today. Should we, must we embrace the destructive policies and edicts handed down from on high by the Obama regime which have been proven to be ripping our communities, our states, our nation and our existence assunder? Must we, blindly and in lockstep,… Continue

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Baskin-Robbins Robbed At Gunpoint

LA MESA BOULEVARD -- Two robbers, one armed with a handgun, hit the Baskin-Robbins ice cream store just after 9 p.m. Monday night.

Police said the two suspects entered the business at 8807 La Mesa Boulevard and one of the suspects pointed a handgun at the employees and ordered them to the ground. The suspect went behind the counter and took an undisclosed amount of money from the the cash register.

Polie said only the employees were in the business at the time of the robbery and no… Continue

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Biblical proportion theft

Hey! Have you heard the latest? YOUR government and YOUR President are considering stealing your homeowner's tax deduction. One of the few things you have left the government has not stolen from you! Pretty sweet deal, huh? So, lets take stock here. They and he stole your health coverage (ensuring by the way that none of them would have to be subjected to that abortion). They and he collapsed the housing market. They and he spend trillions of our dollars for a pig-in-poke deal they, he and his… Continue

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Police Union Offers Election Message

Regarding this years elections in the City of La Mesa- While the La Mesa Police Officer's Association is not officially endorsing any one particular candidate for Mayor or Council, it is our hope that the citizens of this community will make their voices heard by telling whichever candidate that they decide to vote for, incumbent or new, that business as usual in the City of La Mesa is no longer good enough. The time for change is now before things get any worse and before it's too late to do… Continue

Added by Jeff Raybould on October 25, 2010 at 9:30am — 38 Comments

Home Tour Draws More Than 300



GROSSMONT COLONY – The La Mesa Historical Society's Annual Home Tour increased attendance this year, drawing more than 300 participants who toured five homes in the Grossmont Colony area.

Organizers said attendance increased over last year and many arrived earlier than ever to ride the Old Town Trolley system set up to ferry the customers.

Pictures of the event's organization point at the La Mesa Women's Club building… Continue

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Candidate Lothian Responds To Madrid Supporter

LA MESA – Mayoral candidate Laura Lothian decided to respond, point by point, to a recent story posted on LaMesaToday.com by Art Madrid supporter Jim Wieboldt. Wieboldt’s original comments are interspersed with Lothian’s response:

WIEBOLDT:An Open Letter to the Voters of La Mesa:

It's hard to believe that La Mesa is in another election cycle. Time flies when the city is run efficiently and in order. But Laura Lothian, a candidate for the office of Mayor of La Mesa would… Continue

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I am following, loosely, political races about the country and locally. Everything I knew, everything I have spoken about, everything I have predicted is happening, even as we speak. Reflect a moment on our political history and think about tactics, strategies and actions. I recall vividly as a young man the newspapers all about the country attempting to sway elections by "endorsing" (read "indoctrinating") their sheep-like readers, "Dewey defeats Truman!". Remember that fiasco? I recall the… Continue

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A Symbolic Start For A New School Already In Stride

JACKSON DRIVE -- It has been a few weeks since school began at the new College Prepatory Middle School on Jackson Drive. Enrollment is approaching 100 and the school's clean but modest hallways -- located in a church basement -- are lined with poems and drawings.

Students wearing uniforms gallop through the classrooms. And on this rainy Tuesday, all activity stops in the early evening as teachers, administrators and civic leaders gather to… Continue

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Witness: Lothian Set Up Litter Photo

UNIVERSITY AVENUE – The manager of a University Avenue auto shop is complaining that Laura Lothian piled up trash Monday in a vacant lot so she could take photographs for her campaign. In an e-mail complaint to Mayor Art Madrid’s campaign, the manager at Jason’s Auto Garage at 7643 University Avenue, said employees of the shop watched as Lothian and two men gathered up litter and put it in piles for the photo. They said the trio also took trash from… Continue

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An Evening Of Investing In Grossmont College's Future

BARONA RESORT – More than 300 supporters of the Grossmont College Foundation gathered at the Barona Resort Convention Center Saturday night and raised more than $100,000 to support scholarships and programs at the college.

Civic and education leaders were among the guests, including much of the leadership of the Community College District as well as local political leaders. La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid and Grossmont President Sunita V. Cooke attended. City Councilman… Continue

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Lake Murray Store Robbed Today

LAKE MURRAY BLVD. -- On October 15, 2010 at 3:33 PM, a lone suspect entered the Check N Go store at 5634 Lake Murray Blvd., La Mesa. The suspect demanded cash from the clerk, but did not display a weapon. The clerk gave the robber an undetermined amount of cash and the suspect ran away.

The robber got into a black Nissan Titan and drove away. A search of the surrounding area with the assistance of ASTREA proved negative. No one was injured.

The suspect is described as a white male… Continue

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A Private Moment For An East County Family



Mt. HELIX – Among the daily life of La Mesa and East County, there are the usual events that get the attention of the news – usually police, fire and politicians are involved. But there is the quiet life of our town that makes it a great place to live.

On Friday, part of that private life actually occurred on the flight deck of the USS Midway Museum on the downtown waterfront. There, amid a misty morning, a family that has lived just down the east… Continue

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Arrest in Fletcher Parkway Burglaries

FLETCHER PARKWAY -- A man turned himself in today for three burglaries that occurred on Monday, October 11, 2010 in the area of Fletcher Parkway and Jackson Drive. Warner Graves, 47 years old, of San Diego, turned himself in at the downtown San Diego Police Department at about 10:00 AM, after a person close to him saw his photo on various news agencies identifying him as a burglary suspect. La Mesa Police Detectives interviewed Graves then arrested him for the three burglaries; La Mesa Paint… Continue

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