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Bicyclist Slams Into Trolley At Severin/Amaya Crossing

SEVERIN DRIVE -- A bicyclist attempting to beat a trolley to a crossing crashed into the side of the train at the intersection of Severin Drive and Amaya Drive just before 5:30 Tuesday evening.

Multiple 9-1-1 calls were made by witnesses who saw the accident as a west bound trolley approached the intersection. The cyclist was northbound in the southbound lane and rode around the lowered trolley arms and crashed into the side of the trolley.

The male cyclist suffered various… Continue

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Six Questions For City Council: Ernest Ewin

LA MESA -- Ernest Ewin is a former banker who now works as a consultant. He has been involved in civic life in La Mesa for decades and also serves on the Metropolitan Transit System Board. As an incumbent, he is seeking re-election to the La Mesa City Council. In the third installment of the "Six Questions'' series, Ewin answers these questions:

Question 1: Could you please list what you consider to be the three most pressing challenges facing La Mesa… Continue

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Lake Helix Fire Damage: $50,000.

LAKE HELIX – Fire fighters, police, and a helicopter with searchlights appeared above Lake Helix just before 2 a.m. Tuesday as smoke drifted above the scene.

Access to the scene was limited because Lake Helix is a gated community, but the sounds of saws cutting into the structure could be heard. Fire emergency dispatchers said the event is a simple house fire and there was no concern for fire spreading at this time.

More than a half… Continue

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Six Questions For City Council: Patrick Dean

LA MESA -- Patrick Dean has been a chef, a waiter and is a father and La Mesa resident who has regularly attended City Council meetings. Among his interests in city affairs has been on on-going desire to see increased care for the environment and sustainable living in La Mesa. A candidate for city council, his answers below are the second installment in our "Six Questions'' series.

Question 1: Could you please list what you consider to be the three most pressing… Continue

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Six Questions For City Council: Mark Arapostathis

LA MESA – Starting today, will begin presenting the views of candidates for city council and mayor in a series we are calling “Six Questions.’’ Candidates who chose to participate will answer the same six questions for each office.

We begin today, alphabetically, with Council Member Mark Arapostathis who is seeking re-election. Arapostathis is a long-time resident. He works as a second-grade teacher and has operated Peter Pan Junior Theater and the C. Hook… Continue

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Call For Artists

The Foothills Art Association is announcing its twenty first annual WILDLIFE Juried art exhibit. The Exhibit will be held at the Foothills Fine Art Gallery, 4910 Memorial Dr., La Mesa, P.O. Box 794, La Mesa, Ca. 91944-0794. The dates will be November 2 through December 1, 2010.

Okay. I've said the official stuff now for the important stuff: Media will include oil, acrylic, watercolour, mixed-media, collage, pastel, graphics and non-functional sculpture. All submitted artwork must be… Continue

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Car Crash Blocks Trolley Tracks

SPRING STREET - An early morning one car accident left the trolley tracks blocked just north of the downtown La Mesa stop today, leaving commuters scrambling for alternate transportation while police investigated the mishap.

The driver of the Ford subcompact was attempting to cross the trolley track and head south on Spring when police said he hit a fence post that went through the windshield and struck him in the head. The car came to rest across the trolley track instantly… Continue

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Politics - legalized theft!

I have just read about a local politician who conducted a hunger strike so that "we" could have debates.?????

Let me ask you something:

Who amoungst you are excited about debates?

Who amoungst you are doing handstands about the constantly rising taxes in our communities, our state?

Who amoungst you are excited about pending reduction of health care, healthcare providers, pending rises in healthcare costs, pending long queues for healthcare, pending… Continue

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Hunger Strike Ends On Day 11

Originally posted by member Christine Cullinan:

San Diego County, Calif. (August 23, 2010) –

After 11 days of fasting, Congressional Candidate Ray Lutz has announced that with the founding of a new national organization (Debate for Democracy) to carry on the fight for congressional debates, he will finally agree to eat something.

“Now that I know the fight for debates will continue, I feel it's time to have a bite,” Lutz said.

Lutz, whose fast lasted… Continue

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The Hunger Strike: Day 8

Originally posted by member Christine Cullinan:

San Diego County, Calif. (August 20, 2010) – Congressional Candidates Ray Lutz (Democratic) and Michael Benoit (Libertarian) will lead demonstrations at a candidate's forum tonight featuring Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, whom they are seeking to debate.

The two candidates have been fasting for 8 days, in effort to pressure Hunter to agree to a series of debates with them. Just yesterday, Hunter's campaign delivered an acceptance… Continue

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Craig Lothian and Laura Maxwell - The New Dynamic Duo!

Come on Laura...first the flowers and now a run for Mayor? Do you really believe anyone thinks you authored a response to any letter? And got any new material? Or is it all old just like the books in your store.

If we want a rehash of history, let's remember the stunning defeat that Mr. Maxwell suffered in the election of 2006. Now, Ms. Lothian who meets regularly in the evening hour to be coached by Mr. Maxwell becomes the only hope for a small group of closed minded… Continue

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Lothian To Madrid: 'Don't Bully Me'

LA MESA – If Mayor Art Madrid wants to get challenger Laura Lothian to agree to debates, he’ll have to find nicer language to persuade the local realtor to show.

Madrid sent Lothian a letter, but his challenger made it clear in a letter of her own that she didn’t like his tone. She described Madrid as running a campaign like Richard Daley in 1955 Chicago.

Wrote Lothian: “Your aggressive word choices: challenge, fear, eliminated the pretext, failure to respond. .… Continue

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Waiting and Waiting For The Great Debates

LA MESA – The political season is starting to sound like the Season Of The Non-Debates.

Late last week Democrat Ray Lutz announced he’d stay on a hunger strike until Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter agreed to debates. So far, Hunter has chosen to help Lutz diet, not agreeing to any of the many debates Lutz has proposed, but vaguealy discussing, perhaps, an October event.

The Lutz fast has gone four days now and the candidate has retained enough strength to fire… Continue

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Member Buckley Says: Don't Be Fooled Again

Our Helix Water District Board of Directors is scheduled to vote on an 8.8% increase in water rates this Wednesday (August 18th). It seems like we are bombarded by tax and rate increases. For example, the recent State of California 1% sales tax increase; the recent City of La Mesa 0.75% sales tax increase; two recent increases in the City of El Cajon sales tax; the City of San Diego proposed 0.5% increase in sales tax; and the narrowly rejected 0.5% sales tax increase in Lemon… Continue

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Man Beaten, Robbed On La Mesa Boulevard

LA MESA – A group of five assailants beat and robbed a pedestrian along La Mesa Boulevard in an early morning incident.

Police said that at 1:45 Saturday morning, a pedestrian in the 7400 block of La Mesa Boulevard, near El Cajon Boulevard, was approached by five young men who had just exited an apartment complex.

One of the suspects asked if the pedestrian any possessions while another suspect patted the man down. The victim was then punched in the face, knocking him to the… Continue

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Tradition Meets Changing Politics In November Election

LA MESA – In the traditions of La Mesa politics, a local resident – usually with years of living in town – starts volunteering for the sorts of civic groups and committees that can lead to a chance to eventually run for the City Council.

Art Madrid did it that way. So did Ernie Ewin and Mark Arapostathis.

But when the rumors about candidates for November’s elections finally turned to actual paper filings, it was clear that a group of… Continue

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La Mesa, Santee Fashion Fundraiser Succeeds

Item originally posted by Alexandra Stathoulis Kuty

LA MESA, CA – On Sunday, August 8 the city of La Mesa and the city of Santee held their second annual fashion show fundraiser “Fashion Rocks the East” benefiting the Miss La Mesa and Miss Santee Pageants Scholarship Fund. The fashion show was held at the La Mesa Community Center Arbor Room at 3:00 p.m. The models consisted of former contestants and titleholders in the Miss La Mesa and Miss Santee Program including Karen… Continue

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Talk About A Steady Diet Of Politics!

LA MESA -- Campaign season is often referred to as "The Silly Season'' by long time politics experts. We'll let you decide whether the latest news from the Hunter-Lutz competition for U.S. Congress' 52nd seat supports that analysis.

Last week, Democrat Ray Lutz' camp announced a schedule of eight debates, apparently without any involvement by team Hunter.

Hunter, the son and namesake of the long-serving Republican Congressman, has a traditionally Republican district and, probably… Continue

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And The Post Office Came Tumbling Down

THE VILLAGE -- Wrecking crews brought the roof and walls of the old Post Office down Wednesday afternoon with onlookers watching as the dust rose. The demolition is one of the final stages in the redevelopment of the civic core of the city. The lot will remain vacant for the forseeable future, perhaps converted for a time as surface parking, officials say. See photos below:…


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Woman Attacked Near La Mesa Trolley Stop, Breaks Arm

THE VILLAGE -- Robbers attempting to grab the purse of a woman broke her arm Tuesday in an attack just adjacent to the downtown La Mesa trolley station.

La Mesa police said just before 9 a.m. Tuesday a woman was walking along the sidewalk adjacent to 4700 Spring St. when three males stalked her from behind and one of the males grabbed her purse. The woman held on to her purse as the suspect tried to pull it from her grasp. She was thrown to the ground during the… Continue

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