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La Mesa Education

Nancy Padilla of Grossmont College (middle) is flanked by Grossmont Healthcare District board members Gloria Chadwick (left) and Michael Emerson (right).…


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On La Mesa: Chris Shea

Are You Missing Someone Too?

LA MESA -- I looked out my window here at Lifesighs toward the trolley station.  Across the street and past the fountain.  I saw someone who looked so much like my father.  He was walking with a cane and he had the same six foot frame and broad shoulders…


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"The Sky Is Falling!!!"

Remember this photograph? It was published I believe on July 22 this month. It depicts what the hippies of the world describe as "global Warming". This camera has been established about 45 feet from the actual North Pole to gather a photographlc record of events in that part of the world. Banner…


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Not just racist but stupid as well

Well now. Janet Napolitano will leave the Department of Homeland Security. First, you remember Napolitano dont you? She is the utter deer-in-the-headlights moron selected by YOUR president to "head" the DHS. And you see what she has done or rather what she has NOT done. Hand in hand with Commissar Holder in the Justice Department, they have wrought havoc throughout the country and particularly the southern border.…


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The happy spread of division- Me Too, Me Too!

One rainy evening in Florida a man confronts another in the middle of a condo complex. Residential burglaries have been a serious problem so a member of the Neighborhood Watch is watching, looking out for his neighbors. Another man, kid actually, decked out in a hooded sweatshirt, whether for the rain, a"uniform" of his identified group or friends or concealment we will never know, is walking through that victimized…


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La Mesa Business

Looking To The Future At La Mesa Lumber

LA MESA -- Things were tough for all businesses at the height of the Great Recession that is now receding.

But it was…


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Weekly Crime Report


Sign Up For Public Safety Alerts

LA MESA -- The La Mesa Police Department issues a weekly bulletin chronicling activities and giving public safety advice to the residents.

This week, response times: Priority 1 Calls: 5 minutes, 20 seconds Non-Urgent Calls: 20-55 minutes

Case Highlights:…


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Moon Walk and Retaliation

Upon leaving the service I was fortunate enough to secure a position with the Monterey Police Department and stayed there for over five years before moving on to San Diego PD. Early on in my Monterey career patrol officers were advised of "minimums". "Minimums" being contacts, more precisely TICKETS. Supervisors never specifically advised us of "quotas" but officers were placed into competition with winners and high…


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Artist's Way/On the Edge Gallery at Biz Center, La Mesa

I am beginning a new Artist's Way "class" on Sept. 9 at 7317 El Cajon Blvd extending for 11 weeks, Monday evenings, starting at 6:30. Lots of other things going on at that address.

A solo show for James Whiton, sculptor, the People's Choice Award winner, will be on Friday, Sept. 6. 6:30 to 9pm

I am having an  art  show in Oceanside on Sat., August 23, an evening of art with entertainment. Any ??? call 619 466 3711

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On La Mesa: Chris Lavin

The Former Police Station Land Now Sits Vacant

 A Heart Transplant For La Mesa?

LA MESA -- The Village Property Based…


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Madrid tops SANDAG payments list with $45,650.00

We decided to follow the lead of the Mayor from a few council meetings ago in reporting on the payments of another elected official by MTS. SANDAG, the San Diego Association of Governments, has provided information on all stipend payments since 2003. Mayor Art Madrid tops the list with $45,650. In that same time period the other payments are Dave Allan $6,700, Ruth Sterling $2,950, Barry Jantz $2,600, and Mark Arapostathis $1,550. The entire report is available here. …


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La Mesa Healthcare

Sharp Grossmont Names Nursing Chief

LA MESA – Dale Beatty, RN, BSN, MSN, NEA-BC, has joined Sharp Grossmont Hospital as chief nursing officer and vice president of patient care services. In this role, Beatty will oversee the patient care / nursing services in the hospital. He will also be…


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Just the latest set of lies

Are you following what YOUR infamous black, Socialist president and his band of thugs are peddling today? You remember all the furor regarding the IRS and its typical anti-Conservative activities. You remember the NSA spying on Americans issue and do you even remember the Benghazi murders that YOUR president continues to lie about and cover up? Well, the latest blast from your hero and his band of thugs is: "Those…


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Remembering ......You

Scientists and Philosophers tell us that most people only remember perhaps three generations in the past. Beyound that the past becomes just "history". Philosophers also tell us that so long as a name is remembered the essence of that individual lives with us in the present. That said, ponder for a time on your own past and present. Think, how many of your own relatives, your ancestors did you actually know, how many…


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And the hits just keep coming

Yesterday I sat me doon and wrote that piece about Detroit and how the corruption and stupidity of their "government" has led that once thriving city into utter ruin. I pointed out that whilst citizens continue to flee and the very city around them actually crumbles to resemble one bombed to pieces during the war, their council of thugs are further using what monies they can steal to BUILD A NEW SPORTS COMPLEX. Well,…


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La Mesa Arts


A La Mesa Photographer Eyes The Car Show

LA MESA -- The talented lens of La.Mesa photographer Gary Junker finds real character and beauty when applied to the weekly gathering of the car lovers of East…


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S T U P I D continued

Remember what I said recently about not making this stuff up and about all I have to do is read the "news" for examples of stupidity? Well, Detroit, you remember Detroit? Detroit, which looks a great deal like one of the bombed out cities of Europe toward the end of the war, Detroit, with garbage all about, graffiti on walls, gangs roaming streets, City services all but non existent, unemployment through the roof, corruption still running rampant and, with all this the thugs in City Hall…


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La Mesa Weekend

  Try A 'Sit In' Outdoor Movie

LA MESA -- Consider it a variation on the old Drive-In movies.

The City of La Mesa presents “Movie Night Under the Stars” on Friday, July 26, at La Mesita Park. The movie, “Wreck it Ralph” (rated PG), starts at 8:00 pm with…


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The Charter School of San Diego Offers Fall Enrollment for the 2013-2014 School Year

The Charter School of San Diego welcomes all parents and students to visit any of its learning center locations to learn more about its unique way of navigating students through their education.  The learning center locations for The Charter School of San Diego are as follows:

          North San Diego

  • Clairemont
  • Poway
  • Scripps…

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Science Saturday September Extravaganza

The Charter School of San Diego teachers and volunteers of Science Saturday are working hard to put together an exciting Science Saturday event for the Clairemont Burgener and Tierrasanta Public Libraries.  The topics that will be covered will all be centered on physical science. With multiple experiments that meet the California State Science Standards from grades K-8, this is an event for the whole family!

            Challenge yourselves with these questions:

  • Do you…

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