Yes, it just gets more stupid out there by the day!

Years ago I remember enjoying a standup comedian named Mort Sahl whose comedy dealt exclusively with current events. He would stand at his microphone, holding a newspaper, and tell audiences that he didnt have to write many jokes because he got most of his material just reading the daily papers. This memory sprang to my mind as I read yet another outstanding "current event" in what passes for news these days. Seems Atheists, you remember our ole pals the Atheists?, seems Atheists, those outstanding citizens who, whilst not believing in any deities at all yet feel the uncontrollable urge to destroy those beliefs and practices in everyone else on the planet, seems they now want to establish the position of Military Chaplain for Atheists. ???? Pardon me but DUH??? Yep. They claim the pressing need for counsellors for Atheists and "humanists. For those who dont know what "Humanists" are, well they profess to adhere to the philosophy asserting dignity and fulfillment through reason and "scientific method". We will just ignore the fact that these same "people" seem to live to make life miserable for everyone else.

Now, I am a skeptic. I am skeptical. I doubt much or most of what I read and hear in the news and, funny enough,  much of the time my skepticism is proven correct. How about that? When I see the herd rushing to decisions, well, I generally think, "Stupid!" and study the issue. The herd certainly isnt. So, why would the military establish an "Atheist Chaplain" if they dont believe in anything? By the way, you know who is fully onboard with this and have already sponsored ammendments to allow the position dont you? Of course. The National Socialist Democrat Party! Shazam! You dont suppose they are just looking for more votes do you? They already vote Socialist anyway I would presume. That about tell you all you want to know?

What would this "Atheist Chaplain" do? Why, proponents claim the need for someone to "reach out and facilitate meetings". Jeepers! Why didnt I think of that? Its not like we dont already have a plethora of highly paid desk jockeys, good for nothing else than facilitating meetings and such. Oh, and there's another small matter to consider here as well: "Chaplains" are established as a military position or rank and as such hold commission within the military. Whilst the politically inspired and White House driven "Sequester" is decimating the military and civilian support workers, much needed programs suffering or cancelled, weapons systems years in the planning and production being cancelled, these dim-wits want to create a new and paid position just for their fellow dim-wits who are too stupid to facilitate their own meetings??? Oh, and each promotion brings with it one of those swell pay raises  Pretty nifty job if you can get it. All you have to do is dress up in a swell uniform with all those pretty gold strips and pins, facilitate meetings, listen to fellow non-believers make fun of the world and watch those checks come a'rollin in! You get to see that practicing religion is constantly mocked and ridiculed throughout the military, you get to disrupt military religious holiday services and ceremonies, you get to brag that you are eliminating all prayer at military ceremonies, you get to disrupt holiday parade plans by shrieking about your own "Nothingness". What a great job and you will even get paid to do it. WOW!!!

See why I am a skeptic? See where I get all these ideas for opinion pieces? I dont make this stuff up you know. It just get more stupid out there as each day goes by!

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