Why cant we just decide who we want as "Leaders"?

I am reflecting over the years regarding political races and how they are manipulated, almost always to the disgust of the electorate. Now, I understand fully when candidates feel it necessary to sling insults and very frequently scream outright lies at one another. We saw that for years on end, twenty four hours a day when Obama was peddling his snake oil show and convinced the weak-minded that his socialist version of "Hope and Change" would actually be a great thing. I understand that. Its the lies and dishonesty of the news outlets supporting their darling that really gets me upset. I watched, as long as I could without gagging, the "news" peddled by MSNBC during the last go around. They were perhaps the closest thing to soviet state controlled press in existence, following closely by NBC, ABC and that good ole standby and New York Times wannabe CBS. Seen the latest attempt by MSNBC to further corrupt the already totally corrupted American Government and the Presidential contest? Watch their massively edited video coverage of Mitt Romney's speach about buying a Hoagy sandwich. Their ace reporter, Andrea Mitchell, is as smooth a liar as even Chris Matthews and thats saying something.


I repeat: Why cant we just listen to the lies of the candidates and NOT those of the socialist state controlled press and make up our own minds? Tell you why. The electorate is, by and large, vastly stupid and either believes all the lies told, scream for free things promised by their Messiah or only "educate" themselves once stepping into the voting booth. Pretty sad, huh?

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