Emblazoned across headlines and cable news are photos of 7th century fanatics leaping about like grade school children, screaming, "Lu, Lu, Lu" and firing their omnipresent AK47s into the air and I ask again the question plaguing me for several years now: "Why?"

Decades ago a President began throwing American lives into the grinder in Southeast Asia. At the time, as a young guy with a head full of mush, I believed in "The Cause". We were told that we would stand by "Our Allies" combating the scourge of Communism and Totalitarianism of China and North Viet Nam. We went, we fought, we died all the while politicians sat at home made speeches, usurped  military leadership, directed this and that until, practically before it began, the war was lost. We didnt know that until far down the line but politicians and lawyers had doomed over 58.000 of us to death because they felt the need to play toy soldiers with no regard for the men and women in the field and certainly no regard for the citizens of their own nation. We fought, we died and in the end we were forced to flee in that cowardly manner everyone saw on television because the politicians, not the GIs, but the politicians decided to play other games with other lives. But we, the grunts, believed in "The Cause".

We watched as an indescribably brutal dictator made speeches, waved his rifle in the air, grinned and panned for cameras and slaughtered his own citizens in Iraq. Never mind the exact same thing was happening in Africa, television camera were focused on Iraq. A President said he would come to the aid of the citizens of Iraq. We didnt want their oil or the country or their government. We would help the "Everyman". Once again GIs rushed into the fray. They fought, they died. A nation squandered hundreds of billions of dollars, most of it totally wasted and filled the pockets of politicians and lawyers in Irag and here at home and television cameras celebrated yet another war. In our homes we watched as GIs fought and died. We watched as GIs were brought home to suffer and scream for the rest of their lives. We watched as politicians and lawyers once again played toy soldier at the expense of the GIs. Thousands of American men and women died and were torn apart as game pieces for the American politicians and lawyers and the ever present television cameras. Then, after some idea of "peace", albeit fleeting as any can be in that land of 7th century fanatics, was seen, a President, sorry, a president (lower case) decides to change up the operation. After all. He Won! He now decides how to interpret the Constitution, how to govern, how to re-write the nation's laws. HE WON!. He pretty much arbitrarily pulls out all the troops, leaving the already faltering and corrupt Iraqi government on its own, and grins for cameras once again. "I WON!"

So today the black flags of Al Queda once again fly over at least two of the cities that Americans fought and died for to liberate. Today those same fanatics that for centuries have sought to crush anything NOT a believer, once again celebrate their victories, this time over the Great Satan and his puppet. And we have a president (lower case) that grins, plays golf, dithers and shouts, "I WON!" whilst war and death return to Iraq, death reigns in Syria, Iran happily rolls along toward achieving their ultimate goal: making their own nuclear bomb and erasing Israel, whilst men and women fight and die in Afghanistan, whilst North Korea reportedly feeds disagreeing leaders to caged, ravenous dogs, and a world literally coming apart because no one is capable of standing up and stopping any of it!

So I ask myself again - certainly no one reading this will or perhaps is even capable of addressing the question - "WHY?" Why did we do it? Why are we doing it? Why will we continue doing it? There was never a question of total corruption of the governments of Iraq, of Syria, Egypt, and certainly of Afghanistan. Why have we continued to pour uncounted billions into these countries? Why have we squandered the lives of thousands of our best for these undeserving and certainly uncaring or unappreciative countries? Knowing full well they are completely corrupt and thieves and murderers at the best of time, why do we continue to send traitors such as our present Secretary of State, John Kerry, to pander and play the Neville Chamberlain for the world to see? Why? But then I suppose I have answered my own question. One inept, inexperienced, himself corrupt president (lower case) can stand before a nation of groveling and worshiping admirers and shout, "I WON!"

Does anyone, ANYONE, actually believe that when the president (lower case) does succeed in placating his own fanatical Liberal constituents and pulls troops from Afghanistan, that those corrupt and slithering beasts will not immediately invite the return of the Taliban and Al Queda to once again rule the "nation"? As veterans, whole and maimed, sit at home watching this what will go through their minds? "Why?" As an American government so bent upon Political Correctness and not offending anything muslim, homosexual, black or Mexican exhibits its quavering inability to do anything positive, do many of the citizens - not the slavering Liberal fanatics but those still capable of reasoning - sit and wonder, "Why?" I certainly do and undoubtedly will continue to do so owing to the senseless and out of control government at both the Federal and State levels. "WHY?" Why, because, "THEY WON!" and for no other reason.

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