I've been following the big story in New York about the massive blizzard and the city's response. Hmmm. Inside this story, and now becoming THE story, is the labour action taken by their Sanitation employees, those charged with clearing snow from roadways. You following it as well? If not, well, seems leaders of that particular union decided that this was a great time to have a work slow down to protest some of the relatively minor budgetary cutbacks. Not a stoppage or a strike, just a slow down. Well, also seems that because these mooks thought it was a great idea to drag their feet rather than work, three, count them, 3 people died, two of which were children.

I worked the San Diego Police Dept.for many years and, inspite of what you are told or what they say, was pretty much forced to belong to that union, oh, its called an "association" but its a union. I could never understand negotiations each year. Demands and threats were always made for pay raises. Many of us shouted, "No money, just pay a little on dependent benefits", but voices were drowned out. One year the SDPOA brought in reps from the Teamsters. You know the Teamsters? They are the thugs that run most of the country now. Big meeting downtown. Their rep and his pal, a no-neck, wide shouldered goon, stood up and shouted," They dont give youse a good raise and we shuts this city down!". Well, the membership ran the goons off and finally settled for something like a 1.5% raise. I tell this story because it was the same with the Fire Department and the Municipal Employees unions. Funny thing though, the City generally held a pretty hard line and raises were generally real small, but the unions almost always prevailed. Then the City just stopped their contributions to the pension funds for years, spending the money on pet projects. Look at the mess we have today. And, actually, I credit it ALL to public employee unions coupled with a corrupt city government.

There was a time when public employee unions were illegal. They were illegal for fear of just these types of things. Then, the public, feeling sorry for poor cops and firemen, made the modification which allowed the camel's nose under the tent. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon! Today, who is running whom? Do you really think governments run the nation and the states? Hah! We are totally controlled by unions in one form or another with government playing a kowtowing role to pay them back for election results. Consequently, three people die, two children, so a union can show how powerful they are.Union workers enjoy staggering salaries and unimaginable benefits whilst cities and states are arranging their bankruptcy files.

You know we cant sustain these circumstances. You know we have to correct them in order to survive. You know what must be done. In the face of courts, ACLU, ambulance chasers from coast to coast, union goon squads and an insane press, we, the people (remember that phrase?) must stop it. Public Employee Unions must be disbanded. At the expense of endangering my own pension,WE THE PEOPLE must disband them and direct those employees to work for sane salaries and benefits like those most of the rest of the nation toil daily for or leave!!. Sound radical? Hows does a slow down in a blizzard that costs lives sound? How does state bankruptcy sound? How does staggering tax increases to ensure the continuance of out of line salaries and benefits sound?

If you're not in a union you know what I'm talking about. If you are you think I'm crazy. "Hell, I'm protecting the public, you owe me". Yeah? Not if its a choice of paying you or buying a can of pork and beans for my family! Press the politicians, those that are not corrupt and sold out to Public Employee Unions (you'll find damned few I fear). This must be stopped! David Stanley

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