Where have all the customers gone?  Just like the iconic '60's song,  "long time passing!"  It has become painfully obvious that many returning customers to La Mesa Village have disappeared.  Sales have dropped by almost half compared to this time last year and I can't help but wonder if the streetscape construction activities, continued street closures and detours have scared people away.  

I can recall not too long ago, on any given Saturday morning, regular visits from local residents coming into my shop to say "hello",  "how's business",  "wanted to see what's new!"  Many of them even picking up a few items and then going on their merry way to enjoy their Saturday.  Not anymore, to my chagrin.  It seems that once peoples' routines are disrupted they forget very easily their old patterns and move on to bigger and better things.  Where is my happy couple who stopped in every weekend to say hi before their lunch date at San Filippos and the singer out for her daily walk who always poked her head into the shop to chat or the ladies from ATT taking a lunch time walk.  

Well, to everyone reading this, the streetscape is almost over and business owners as well as La Mesa Village residents alike can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The remodel of the village was debilitating at best and many small business along the boulevard  did not make it to the finish line.  I think the village will survive and perhaps even reinvent itself.  But,  until that time comes the merchants need customers to come back, shop and spend money!  With that, I can not express to everyone how important it is to us (the small business owner) that our customers come back!

We are now going into the holiday buying season.  In retail, October 1st is the beginning of the best time of the year.  This is the time when most of us are finally in the black (thus Black Friday) and turn a profit.  I am hoping with great anticipation that this year will be better then last-(we are always pushing the envelope and trying to improve our businesses), but based on the sales over the last few month I am not holding my breath.  

What I am hoping to express to the readers of this blog is that each and everyone of you, the buying public, is an important part of the economic machine that keeps the cogs of small business oiled and turning. Please don't forget us, the small business owner, your friends and the village.  You have in your hands the ability to make the New La Mesa Village a success and the wonderful place to live and shop!  Tell everyone you know about the village and next time you come down to shop please bring a friend.   


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Comment by Suzanne Shea Reed on October 12, 2015 at 7:01pm

We're still here Frank!   We love ya!  We too have our challenges going on as well,.. havent been round much past 3 mos i know! Ive been piecing together any work i can whether with short temp jobs in friends home offices,  or  with agencies. And as always  working hard trying to get more gigs!  The combination of those things AND this  horrid heatwave summer  for the past 3+ months has kept me from walking around the Village as much as I do in winter and spring, If not working I've been  hibernating!  I can barely tolerate  temps over 79 degrees  much less 90+ and humidity.   I write about you in  "my" La Mesa Village all the time  though. I love to  mention your store and many others here in our great little Village, So tho i may have hibernated this past 4 mos or so. Im making sure to let folks know about your wonderful shop best I can on FB!   And when the weather cooled off those beautiful 4 days a week ago or so I DID get out for my Village walk and first shop i popped into was YOURS, and I  bought that delicious Carmel topping YUM ! I went home had some of that treat,  and wrote about it  on Facebook and all about your shop!  I PRAY this heat wave leaves soon and we walkers will be out there again . New sidewalks to walk on,  and we are PRAYING to see trees again one day too.. sigh.  We loves ya.  We are all doing our best!   Hang in there .. SO glad to have you in our Village! 

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