"We, the people of the the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America".

Remember these words? Seems today, if you remember them at all, they were merely something you were forced to memorize when in school. For many of you, perhaps most today, they mean nothing, nothing at all aside from a school task. Well, for many of us they still mean something. For many of us they are the very bedrock of our culture, our nation. They are the mindset upon which a once upon a time strong nation was forged. Certainly no longer. Those words only mean something to people who understand them, who attempt to live by them who honor them and, yes, like so many thousands, have died to cherish them and keep them important.  Seems today a terrible waste of life and time because, looking daily at "news" reports from all about the country, particularly Washington D.C., law enforcement, courts and what passes for education, those words and the entire document is now merely something for most people to clean their shoes with!!

Home Owners Associations intimidating home owners into removing their nation's flags; Atheists, believing in nothing, intimidating courts and schools into mocking any and all Christian holidays; unions, who believe only in power and money, destroying jobs and lives; teachers, in whom parents place their trust to educate and protect their children, indoctrinating and twisting children throughout their school years; corrupt courts and judges wherein in very little justice is seen; Politically Correct law enforcement, whose job is to protect, ONLY to protect, deals in perversion and corruption and turns a blind eye to the "protection" aspect of their jobs. Wiping their feet on the Constitution.

One of the latest adventures in the nation's slide to the abyss occurred in Philadelphia, oddly where the Constitution was actually born. This one, as expected, deals with our pals, Politically Correct and corrupt schools, cowardly school bus drivers, officials and cops. Parents put their wee boy on the school bus in the morning. He quickly fled home in tears telling his parents that bullies on that bus had plied their usual trade and of course the cowardly bus driver had not interfered.  The parents boarded the bus and demanded to know who did what. Well, shazam, rather than the bus driver having stepped in to stop the bullying, he/she/ it alerted school officials instead as well as Philadelphia cops. Cops come out and ... no the bullies are not addressed or corrected, the school  not alerted to the bullying. The parents are arrested and thrown in jail. The mother gets out and the father is still locked up on $10,000 bail, bail for trying to protect his kid. The school wont, the bus driver wont, the cops wont, the Constitution no longer can thanks to the far sighted Socialist Progressives. Who can or will protect the children? WHO?? Certainly the parents can no longer do it.

I remember watching and listening to Eric Holder, whom I loath, give a speech wherein he accused America of being a "Nation of Cowards". Now, he was actually referring to the terrible white man keeping the poor black man down and not allowing the latter to achieve his glorious destiny. But, though I find him and his words detestable, he was correct. Seems we have become a "NATION OF COWARDS". So fearful of homosexuals, of Atheists, of anything to do with honor, of pride, of Christian religion, of pride of self, of willingness to reach out to help someone. Fearful, under the guise of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! So two parents attempt to protect their child whom no one else WILL and THEY ARE ARRESTED! Wiping their feet on the Constitution. Aint Socialism Grand? Aint you proud of what the nation has become because of YOUR apathy and herd mentality?

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