Last week I wrote a comment about "watching and listening". Well, I watched and listened and am torn in two directions. Nationally, the electorate, by and large, stood up and shouted, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking this anymore!" and I look with pride at those patriots. Thinking minds wrested the House from the insanity that has held it for so long. That screeching creature from San Francisco, the nation's hotbed of radicalism, will shortly be hurled from her position as Speaker and I stand with applause and hope. Across the landscape patriots stood up and cast out those who love, who worship the concept of spending other's money without consequence. And, as I watched and listened, I remembered. In every one, EVERY ONE of the races where a conservative vied they were met with a constant and unending barrage of scurrilous, slanderous lies and innuendos as a front for a political campaign. EVERY ONE! Did YOU watch and listen? Harry Reid in Nevada, Jerry Brown in California, Barbara Boxer in California, in EVERY RACE. And this continues even today in Alaska! No contests, only defamation and personal attacks. But, nationally, these keepers and shovelers of filth were overcome by reason and patriotic determination.

I am saddened by California results. Nearly 30 years ago we suffered through the corruption and mismanagement of the latest in the Brown Dynasty and now we must again endure this radical liberal and socialist. Many, if not most, of his supporters were not even born or were so young when he crippled the state, perverted the state legislature and courts, the state's judicial system, releasing countless from prisons and jails because he felt they were "Victims". They listened, with their MTV mentalities and intellects, to this stiff who says only he can fix the problems HIS party has thrust upon us. He became Mayor of Oakland and brought that city to its knees because of mismanagement, croniism and corruption. His popularity soared there though because of his monstrous give away programs to blacks and mexicans who ultimately supported him. The city services crumbled, law enforcement suffered losses because of his mismanagement. And now we've got him again! You heard his own words on a video statement he made after being thrown out office last time. His campaign had been all lies. Those are his words. Do you think there is any difference now? Did you watch? Did you listen?

And this was Witman's campaign to lose. She sure did. She allowed Brown to hurl his personal attacks, call her "Whore" with so consequences. She hurled millions of her own cash into the campaign and just grinned and let the socialist destroy her - Grinning all the time.

Lastly, I am so thoroughly disappointed and sickened by Californians and have concluded that socialists are just wired differently. They seem incapable of discerning right from wrong, lies from truths, slander from political discourse. I think, "What in hell is wrong with these people?" Comes back to the "wiring". They heard what was said and rushed, lemming-like, to embrace a political destroyer. They heard what was said and dismissed it because their friends, like them, said, "Hey, he's cute" or "He seems so serious" and other meaningless tripe.

So, once again, the voters, or most of them, stand like sheep in the pastures whilst the clouds of destruction swirl about them. They are content that they have their Progressive Socialist in office. Brown, like Obama, promises everything and will, has never, deliver anything apart from further grief, unemployment, higher taxes and socialist fiats from Sacrament. I hope the voters of the state are proud of what they have done because they will be suffering along with the rest and will continue to blame Bush rather than their own stupidity! You didnt watch or listen closely enough!!!! David

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