Well, the sun must have got in his eyes!!!

So, we've seen the first of the Presidential debates and the only Vice Presidential debates. Is your head spinning? I watched both and and awaiting the next on this Tuesday evening. I watched, to my surprise, a Mitt Romney actually take it to his opponent who turned out to be the boob I have been talking about for well over 4 years. All during this debacle I am thinking about the "undecided voters". Question:  Exactly how stupid must one be to have lived through literally years of campaigning, witnessing massive losses in retirement accounts, property values plunging all the while some grinning ape marches back and forth on stages, shouting as though giving a sermon in a typical black church AND NOT HAVE COME TO ANY CONCLUSION??? We have had to bear the constant flood of hate, derision, mockery, racism and condescension for years now as this Messiah really never stopped campaigning. He never learned the art of "statesmanship" therefore he continually has kowtowed to the radical Muslim world whilst thumbing his nose at all of the country's allies, Israel in particular. Several occasions have brought their Prime Minister to this country and almost each time Der Fuhrer has had something else pressing - last time, rather than sit down with the leader of one of our most important allies this stooge rushes away to Nevada for a fund raising event.


So, as he stood there, looking everywhere but where he should have, unable to intelligently respond to Mr. Romney's challenges, he makes it very apparent that he is like that fool student who, rather than prepare for an exam, played and made no preparations. He stammered, his "answers" and statements and his very body language was that of a bumbler.  Then, his staunch allies in the press, you know the ones, the guys with the tingles in their legs, made every excuse for him. Mega-Stooge Gore accused the altitude even. No one had the guts to stand up and say the guy wasnt prepared and had no teleprompter or prepared speech.


Now, Stooge #2, Goober Biden leaps onto the stage, glad handing everyone, laughing and joking. The event starts and he becomes his usual rude and hog-like personage. He smirked, grinned, giggled, laughed, banged his hands on the desk, constantly interrupted and was a general condescending boor.


So, are you still undecided? Did your Messiah do it for you yet? Are you still on your knees in worship or shouting Sieg Heil and saluting? Yep. The sun must have got in his eye to have been that stupid in a debate.  Remember: DO NOT BE IDENTIFIED AS AN "UNDECIDED". They are only the most stupid of the population who will slither into the voting booths come time and vote for their Messiah anyway.  87%? HAH! You bet there is an "87%"! Are you one of them?

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