Daytime Burglars Are Active In La Mesa

LA MESA -- Daytime burglaries are continuing to pop up across town. One recent one on Third Street had officers scrambling across the the area and in the sky above.

Case Highlights: On Friday, April 4, 2014 at approximately 3:52 pm, La Mesa Police received a call of a residential burglary that had just occurred in the 4500 block of Third Street. The victim came home to find three black males leaving the residence. One suspect was seen jumping over the fence from the backyard to the alley; he is described as a black male, approximately 17 to 20 years old, large afro hairstyle, last seen wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt with a backpack. 

La Mesa Police Officers, with the assistance of the San Diego Sheriff’s helicopter (ASTREA) responded and searched the area. The suspects are still outstanding. Anyone with information is asked to call the La Mesa Police Department at 619-667-1400 or you may also call Crime Stoppers’ anonymous toll-free tip line at (888) 580-TIPS (or visit You can remain anonymous, and be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 for information in this case.

Traffic Information: April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Check out this Myth & Fact Sheet on the topic:

MYTH: My car came with an infotainment system. Since it’s built into my car, it must be safe.
FACT: Advancements in automotive technology can be broadly separated into two categories:
• Technologies related to vehicle performance and driving, such as vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication, crash avoidance systems, adaptive headlights and stability control systems.
• Technologies unrelated to vehicle performance or the task of driving, such as hands-free phoning, speech-to-text and the ability to use social media while driving. There are many safety benefits to technologies related to vehicle performance and driving. Technology also can be a solution to the distracted driving problem with features such as call blocking. But not all technology is created equal. Anything that distracts a driver from performing an essential driving task can be dangerous and doesn’t belong in a dashboard infotainment system.

MYTH: I have an infotainment system in my dashboard, so it’s safe for me to speak my texts and drive.
FACT: Despite auto-makers equipping vehicles with dashboard infotainment systems at an increasing rate, these systems can bring some driver distractions. In fact, voice texting features have been found by research to be even more distracting than typing. Why? Even if drivers don’t need to use their hands to type texts and emails, voice-to-text features require drivers to look at the translated messages to be sure they are correct. Drivers also are mentally distracted because they’re focused on talking and fixing the message errors. Slower reaction times occur, no matter whether drivers are typing a text or using voice-to-text technology.

MYTH: Most car crashes are caused by car malfunctions such as faulty brakes, blown tires
or engine problems.
FACT: Vehicle problems represent a very small portion of crashes. Most vehicle problems have to do with improperly inflated or maintained tires. As much as 90 percent of all crashes are caused by driver error and can be prevented. Cell phone use behind the wheel can lead to driver error, and it’s a very prevalent behavior on our roads today – 9 percent of drivers at any given daylight moment are talking on phones while driving. Drivers using cell phones are four times as likely to be in a crash, in part because their ability to respond to hazards is significantly affected. Drivers talking on cell phones can miss seeing up to 50 percent of the roadway environment , including traffic signs, pedestrians and cyclists. All of these risk factors could be lessened if drivers would hang up their phones and simply drive.

Crime Prevention/Emergency Preparedness:
Safety Tips for Mobile Devices: Smartphone’s today are more like handheld computers, with software that also needs to be kept up-to-date, just like your home computers. Be sure to download the latest security patch or update to protect yourself from viruses, or malware. Yes, you can get viruses on your mobile device too! In fact, all devices that have access to the internet are vulnerable to online threats.
Password protect your phone. Phones today contain a great amount of personal information. Do not increase your risk if your phone is lost or stolen that your personal information could be accessed. Take additional steps to secure your mobile device and enable your phones password protection feature.
Think before you connect to free public Wi-Fi. These shared networks can be unsecured and unprotected. Be cautious about sites you visit while on public Wi-Fi and assume that everything you do may be visible to a third party. Adjust your security settings to not automatically connect to any open Wi-Fi but rather set it to ask for authorization before connecting. Do not conduct financial or sensitive transactions over public Wi-Fi.

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