Burglar Didn't Make A Run For It

LA MESA -- La Mesa police responded to an early morning burglary call and were surprised to find the perpetrator waiting for them.

 Police said that Tuesday Feb. 25,  at approximately 4:38 a.m. they responded to the 7100 block of University for a report of a commercial burglary in progress. When officers arrived the suspect was standing outside the business next to a broken window. The suspect admitted to breaking into the business and breaking into a vehicle earlier in the evening. Twenty one year old Roque Ibarra of San Diego was arrested for burglary and for being under the influence of a controlled substance and booked into jail.

Traffic Information: We know it's dangerous, and it makes our blood boil when we see other drivers too busy with their cell phones to bother looking at the road. Yet, it's obvious that many of us talk or text while behind the wheel anyway. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently chose eight-county regions, along with the state of Delaware, to test whether increased enforcement, public service advertising and news coverage can significantly reduce distracted driving. Smaller efforts last year seemed to work, curtailing texting by drivers by 72 percent in Hartford, Conn., and by 32 percent in Syracuse, N.Y. If you get caught in California, the ticket costs at least $159 for a first offense and $279 for a second offense. Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill in September to raise the base fines by $10. It shouldn't take higher fines to remind us how dear the price could be if you get into a wreck. Cell phone use is the No. 1 reason for distracted driver crashes in California, says the state Office of Traffic Safety. Texting – because it requires drivers to 
look, use their hands and think – is the most distracting behavior, and is also the fastest-growing, according to NHTSA. 
One study found that sending or receiving a text takes a driver's eyes away from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, creating a crash risk 23 times worse than not being distracted. It's the equivalent of driving blind at 55 mph for 100 yards. Does that seem safe in any way? Of course not. Studies have also shown that hands-free devices make little difference in lowering the risk. It would be much better for everyone if you just turn off your Smartphone when you get behind the wheel. It should be as automatic as putting on your seat belt. Let's be honest: How many texts or calls really have to be answered immediately?

Crime Prevention/Emergency Preparedness: Receive up-to-date information affecting your La Mesa Neighborhood by e-mail and text message. From crime and fire alerts to suspect descriptions, sign up for NIXLE ALERTS today via your cell phone or online. Text “LAMESAPOLICE” to 888777 to receive alerts from La Mesa Police Department. Text “HEARTLAND” to 888777 to receive alerts from Heartland Fire and Rescue. Visit www.nixle.com to sign up online or to manage alert settings. Call the Crime Prevention Unit with questions at (619) 667-7545.

I know it is hard to believe, but daylight savings time starts this weekend, and it is time to change your clocks! Use this opportunity to also change the batteries in your smoke / CO (carbon monoxide) alarm. Remember, a CO alarm is now required in most households, by state law, and it is a great idea.

Department Information: 
Help solve a cold Homicide case: http://www.cityoflamesa.com/DocumentView.aspx?DID=2487

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