Like many of you, I loosely followed the Dorner saga in recent news. When paying attention to same I thought about his history and what may have transpired with LAPD. Turning it over in my mind and comparing with instances in my own past as well as investigations I am familiar with here in San Diego, I somewhat understand the man's frustration, anger and subsequent rage regarding the actions of his department. That, of course, negates none of his actions in recent days. He allowed the festering to do just that and it became an obsession resulting in many deaths. That said, I watched off and on the end of the saga there in Big Bear and the burning of the cabin. Having been on many SWAT operations, etc in my career, I understand the thought process of some of the officers, not all but certainly a few. Rather than "justice", there is a seeking of outright revenge. I saw it happen around me on several occasions and I watched it happening again in Big Bear.  Its truly frightening when you are enmeshed in the operation and watch this begin and grow larger and larger. We all watched years ago when exactly this same thing happened in Waco, Texas. Swaggering and bragging federal operatives are not held in check by supervision and, POW! fire and deaths. Remember years and years ago, in Los Angeles, the LAPD SWAT team burned the Simbionese (sic) Liberation Army bunch to death who were associated with the kidnapping of Patty Hearst? Decades ago, right here in San Diego, a few of you may remember the "Hub Loan" siege". Hundred of shots fired, actual fragmentation grenades thrown, fires blazing, right in the heart of downtown San Diego. Same thing, exactly the same thing. I have been part of SWAT operations when grenades have been thrown and resulting fire is allowing to continue here in San Diego. Same thing. Recall in Philadelphia when their police department dropped a "bomb" from one of their helicopters and burned down over a city block resulting in many deaths? Same thing. I refer to those actions as, "Going Waco".

"Going Waco" and simply burning a suspect(s) to death certainly saves tax payer monies for trials and subsequent life time support for the perpetrators but is it "justice"? I have seen and heard of Dorner's "supporters", most of whom are total and complete whack jobs themselves - police haters, America haters, you name it - espousing "Police Brutality", righteousness of his actions, support in any way.. I certainly am not one of them but is  "Going Waco" really the answer? I really dont think so but it has, is and will continue to happen. When one of your mates goes down there is a towering and massive feeling to seek revenge and we saw it in the mountains again.

I mourn the deaths of the innocents and the officers who attempted to take the man but I abhor the posturing of LA politicians, shrinks seeking notoriaty and police officials seeking face time. Dorner became a rabid dog and one must destroy a rabid animal but not with politics and television exposure. Imagine yourself trapped within that cabin with the knowledge that you are not coming out alive. Imagine the panic as the flames, smoke and heat envelope you. Imagine hearing the shouts of the officers outside shouting the "Burn the god **** thing down". There you have it. "Going Waco" is pretty drastic for everyone concerned. Not a thing that will ever be forgotten by any involved.

In the end, Dorner is dead. No one will come back to life. Families will continue to grieve for the rest of their lives and sometime in the future another law enforcement group will again "Go Waco" and we will watch, enthralled, our television sets. And on and on.

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