As a life long student of history and an avid studier of the American Constitution, I sit in wonder each and every day for the past 5+ years at what has become of the American Presidency.  That one man, one single individual, one man with absolutely zero background, zero job experience, zero practically anything that would prepare him for the office of President, could have reduced that office to the level of carnival barker or huckster or snake oil peddler. One man could have so enthralled so many millions of people based upon absolutely nothing other than his ability to grin and call his opponents names and throw outrageous lies, one after the another, into the air. One man that could stand before the entire nation and, with a straight face, lie and lie and lie and actually be believed and worshiped.  With a proven track record so far in his administration of unabashed waffling, hesitation, timidity, cowardice, towering bias, racism, favouritism, duplicity, backed by an army of slavering sycophants, he just goes on and on and things just get worse and worse. Nixon's attempted coverup was a terrible blow for the country but this man's constant, and daily  words and actions seem to elevate Nixon's antics to the level of mischief. Murders are purposely covered up, massive thefts and corruption are obscured and denied despite the public's full knowledge. He, like HItler before him, has stolen control of the country and uses it as his personal plaything despite the Constitution, despite the law, despite the protestations of the Legislature. All this is done to the nation with the cheering of unnumbered masses as they, like the rest of us, fall beneath his juggernaut.

What has happened? What sins have the American public, the American nation committed to deserve such an individual? Over half the nation is mesmerized and sing his praise, applaud his performance; the press extols and assists in the ongoing conspiracy to conceal and coverup; people are being financially crippled by through the roof medical premiums coupled with impossible deductibles; a debt so staggering that it can never be corrected; a constant and unquenchable thirst for more and more money and higher and higher taxes and yet, as he grins and continues to sell his snake oil to the gullible, he remains invincible, untouchable. What have we done?

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Comment by David Stanley on October 23, 2013 at 2:37pm

One of the latest in the long list of failed favourites, the CGI Group has joined Obama's selections for solar flops, automobile construction flops, hybrid car flops, wind power flops, construction flops, massive financial flops. Like Detroit, itself a total failure thanks almost exclusively to the concentrated efforts of corrupt democrat administrations, Obama selected a company to develop the website and represent the Washington debacle called "ObamaCare".  This CGI group has done exactly the same thing to Hawaiian tax structures and formats creating similar havoc as we are seeing in Obama's famed Website. CGI proved itself totally inept time after time wherever it found GOVERNMENTAL contracts from Canada and throughout the United States.  Seems they have developed the reputation that no one trusts them because they cant deliver an operable system or program, cant fulfill contractual agreements and are just generally undependable.  Nobody in any of these government operations seems to have bothered checking backgrounds, nobody checks track records, nobody checks result. Seems just about every GOVERNMENTAL contract this CGI company as secured it has screwed it up. And now what happens????? Why here comes Obama and his girl friend Sebelius skipping down the lane and suddenly become enthralled with this same company - ANOTHER PROVEN LOSER! Sebelius appears on television whining that they only had three years to develop this site operation. Seems odd that professional operations formulate, develop, test, evaluate and present their site operations in a MATTER OF MONTHS, not years.

Comment by David Stanley on October 23, 2013 at 8:31am

So, I read today that he/it continues to play WE/THEY warfare in his ongoing, campaign, huckster grin-fest. Pitting us, the dark and evil side, who hate, despise and cast scorn upon his side, the poor, needy, bright and good side, he grins and tells the groveling press, "The other side (remember, thats us, we're the 'other side, the evil ones) the other side WILL spend millions to maintain the status quo". Even as he/it/they have spent over a half BILLION dollars of OUR MONEY on his/its website THAT STILL DOES NOT WORK! Both he/it and his creature Sebelius continue to shriek for more money and more time, all the time a paltry few are able to voluntarily sign up and pledge their savings to their Fuhrer for little if any actual medical coverage. Snubbing Republicans, he/it again pulled his cronies into his lair to push and prod and threaten as well as demanding more money. Over THREE YEARS and over a half BILLION tax payer's dollars have been "invested" in this scam and IT STILL DOES NOT WORK. And WE, "the other side" are the enemy.

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