Years ago whilst visiting Carlsbad Caverns, I was strolling downward through the vista.  I noted what appeared to be a thin crust of material between many of the stalagmites on the floor. (Hope I got that right. I can never remember which is which). This crusty material seemed to be rather a frothy surface, very thin and fragile in appearance and standing several inches above the cavern floor, attached only to the stony features.  A guide explained that this material was formed along with the stalagmites (there's that word again) like the surface of a liquid. He told me it was very fragile and cavers and visitors must be very careful NOT to touch less it shatter and crumble.

 Whilst watching the Egyptian equal to the fall of the Berlin Wall this morning I suddenly recalled my tour of the Cavern and the fragile "surface" on the floor of the cave. For the past thirty years Egyptians were ruled with an iron first by a tyrant, our "ally", and thus had few if any individual rights. No right to assembly, no free speech, nothing. For thirty years it was just described as the only rights they had were to sleep, eat and work. Everything else was totally controlled by the tyrant and his government of secret police and thugs in general.  Corruption was THE way of life throughout the country and the "citizens" eked out starvation livings unless they too were part of the corruption referred to as "Baksheesh". Millions of tourists regularly visited the country to witness its history and many millions complained of the constant "Baksheesh" draining their pockets in bribes. Our Vice-President, good ole Joe (you know, the goofy one?) said today that the Egyptian tyrant received something like 25 BILLION of our dollars over the past 10 years and it is "reported" (I know, never trust a reporter) that their tyrant is personally worth in the area of 70+ BILLION! Hmmm.

 So after hundreds of thousands revolt, over 300 die, what do the Egyptians now have? Again, I am reminded of that visit to the Cavern. There exists that most fragile of "surfaces" now whereupon balances a democratic style government against the ever present and probably who and what is waiting in the wings - The Muslim Brotherhood. These bloodthirsty thugs are well organized, well led, have maintained their goal of Israeli extinction for over a generation and espouse global Islamic rule in conjunction with their equally bloody Sariah (sic) law. They spawned nearly all the current crop of fanatical and radical Islamic Jihadists, most noteable - Al Queda. Like the guide told me, we must not touch the very fragile "surface" less it crumble. 

So, I fervently hope the citizens of Egypt succeed in their quest for a democratic style government and country with free elections and representation, however .... Given the propensity of all those nations in the Middle east apart from Israel I fear we are witnessing the birth of yet another Iranian-style government with hatred directed toward all unbelievers and the citizens once again yoked to that hatred and bigotry. Obama will posture and make inane speeches. Biden will continue to say stupid remarks and giggle and the press will now inundate us 24 hours a day seemingly forever and to what end? Stay tuned. Yogi said, "It aint over till its over!".  David Stanley

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