For a very long time now I have been keenly observing and speaking about the events of the year, month, week and day, particularly those swirling about the government operations at all levels. As each tidbit arises I inevitably nod my head and mutter, "Yep. As expected", because almost everything we see is predictable.Yes, I know. What a towering cynical outlook. How can one view the moving tapestry of America and its dealings through such cynical lenses? Well, even as I also wonder, I ponder on the opposite ability to view the exact same events with such massive gullibility, naivete, to be so worldly uninformed as to stupidly accept anything and everything presented as fact and just continue skipping along blithely looking for the next free handout or in some cases the next window to smash!

It goes without saying how I view the current presidency and the completely untruthful occupant of that office. He and his Chicago Thugocracy have proven themselves practically daily that not only are they more than willing to blatantly lie to the entire nation on ANY subject in order to further their own agenda but that their lying is actually a way of life within their ilk and to do otherwise would upset their very universe.

But, beyound the daily rubbish, I have followed that American tradition of "Black Friday" with only a little interest but with, again, the acknowledgement of the same "predictability"  Now, my wife loves to "go shopping", however, for her, "Shopping" is more accurately "BUYING", with little regard for prices. Therefore, I attempt to do most of the "actual" shopping for my family because, unlike her, I SHOP. I DO NOT BUY. I enjoy strolling the aisles comparing prices, ingredients, etc. And because of this I remain pretty much aware of going prices at various stores and markets where I do business. I watch with interest how, in preparing for a pending "sale" stores more often than not, actually increase prices or, on "sale" days, attach tags shouting "Former Prices" and :"Sale Prices" and instantly recognized the "Bait and Switch" routine. I have asked employees about this and am generally met with a dumb expression. And, now dont tell anyone. This is just between you and me. At times during these earth shaking sales I have actually had fun "bargaining" with sales people and have really been able to secure a product for less than the originally tagged price. Shhhh!

So, because businesses expect or at least hope to garner between 40 and 60% or their annual sales figures during this "Black Friday" thing, what do they do? Well, they move "Black Friday" ahead to the previous Thursday, and just greedily continue to move it on through the weekend. And then comes a relatively new phenomenon, "Cyber Monday"!!! Oh, and there is MOR FURNITURE who announces ad nauseum their SALE OF THE CENTURY EVERY DAY! In July and the first part of August businesses began grasping for money by putting up CHRISTMAS decorations, with the thought that if they juggled their real prices and flouted false ones there would always be the cattle that came along and DUH, snap up a "Sale Price" bargain.  "Black Friday" each year sees the most ignorant of our population, those with the least money actually fist fighting and getting into gun fights over that 55" television or some other equally stupid item. Women fist fighting, pulling hair, screaming obscenities, actually tasering one another for a cheap Chinese knockoff.

So, to the matter of trust with which I began this piece. What has happened to our society? If you're Black all you have to do is listen to the hate mongers and follow their leads. If you're White, all you have to do is find a queue and stand with your hands out for the freebies your lying president has promised but, surprising NEVER has delivered. If you are a politician, what better way to get rich quick than to find yourself in charge of Other People's Money and no accountability? If you're a lawyer, well, "Politics" beckons. Get with it sucker! If you work for a living and try to eke out a normal family life for yourself and yours, well, you lose. Those we "trust" have rigged the deck. Taxes? Gotta have them because the skim the politicians get, well, gotta keep them happy. That health insurance policy that has taken care of you and your family for so many years, your doctor with whom you have become close friends and trust completely. Well, nuts to that! In a Socialist State, in "1984", that no longer exists. Its those guys in government that we trust so much. They have insured that they know best. And, being stupid, you always agree that they do know best. "Vote for me because I am a Democrat and I'm here to help"? And you always do. If someone, someone cynical, maybe like me, points out what you have and are doing, what's your response? Pitchforks and torches!

So, who do we trust? Politicians? Lawyers? Businesses? Health Insurance Corporations (those are the co-conspirators with Obama remember), the television? The filth flinging talking heads at MSNBC? Trust/Mistrust. WOW! What a concept! We cant really expect any privacy anymore because of hackers, identity thieves and yes OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. Cant expect to make those private phone calls anymore because Verizon and all of them are volunteering all our information to the federal government. Cant trust a price tag because we know businesses manipulate those prices to give the impression of "sales". Who can we trust? Our neighbor? Our family members? WHO? Why has this happened? The government is ripped asunder by those propagating hatred and mistrust and we, like cattle, wave our torches and pitchforks and shout, "Kill the Ogre". But the Ogre has become US! The Ogre is our government, our City Councils, our "news" outlets, our churches, where we shop.

"CYNICISM" can be a heavy burden, particularly when it is applied correctly. "Skepticism" a healthy trait, particularly as applied toward ANYTHING government is also a heavy burden. These two attributes, however, would certainly allow anyone, apart from the herd, to see behind the Wizard's curtain and determine the truth. Sadly, however, Skepticism and Cynicism seem to be in pretty short supply these days if Welfare queues and "Black Friday" are any indication.

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