Just read that a judge has decided that the City of Detroit may file for bankruptcy. After generations of corruption and theft by never ending Democrat administrations, after politician after politician, City Official after City Official has been arrested and imprisoned, after unions have sucked the financial life from the City, now the same Democrat administration has been enabled to duck out from under the liabilities they have incurred and walk away to leave creditors crumbled in their path.  City employees who toiled all their working lives retired with their City pensions which, apart from the wealthy politicians, allowed them to live just barely above the poverty line, are now faced with having those promised pitiful pensions slashed or done away with leaving them nothing except the government Welfare queues.

See yourself in their position just for a moment. Trade Places. You that are retired, as am I, receive that pension check each month. My wife and I live relatively comfortably within our means. No more of those grand vacations though. I can never afford to buy another new car so I make do "keeping" my old truck up and running. Gone are the extravagant Christmases and Birthdays. Everything is smaller today but we still live comfortably. Now, Trade Places with a retiree in Detroit. Each month your pension check arrives. For having worked all your adult life you will now live on around $20,000 a year. Where are your grand vacations, gifts for the wife and children, parties with friends, that new car every other year? You have watched each year as your city crumbles more and more. Watched as hundreds of thousands have fled the City for somewhere they can at least breath. Watched as emergency service responses increased from minutes to hours to "no response". You watched as your Mayors, Chiefs of Police, your City Council have been picked off, arrested, tried and thrown in prison for stealing your money and know there is nothing you can do about it. Cant ride a bus because the schedules arent reliable anymore and more often than not no bus even comes around. Weeds and grasses fill the yards of naked vacant homes in miles of neighborhoods. Businesses are boarded shut and often sport broken windows from the sport of the thugs and street gangs that live in your very neighborhood now. Try Trading Places.

So, after all these generations of big money, big unions, free wheeling politicians and lawyers your City is dying. At least you still have a wee pension to buy groceries. Uh oh! Here comes that nasty ole City Council again to convince that judge that if they can just declare bankruptcy they can set aside their debts and begin again for that bright new day. And, amoungst those set aside debts, of course, is YOUR pension. Uh Oh! Once again Detroit has no one to look out for the wee people. Its all about side stepping the debts that THEY built and certainly not about you. Try Trading Places in your mind. How would you feel about all this? How DO you feel about all this?

Can this happen here? You bet it can and Is happening here. Here in California, here in Southern Cal. San Diego, not so very long ago, was voicing "bankruptcy" ideas. Luckily they were shelved and real effort was made to stop the financial bleeding. I have heard thoughts right here in the Village about raising taxes for this or that in the form of a PBID. You bet it can happen here. Not yet and hopefully not ever but, as we watch Detroit and the pretty damned dim future of its citizens, in your mind TRADE PLACES.

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