Total media hypocrisy and national racism

First on the agenda today is the unwillingness of La Mesa Today to handle anything controversial. Oh, they will "publish" some items but if they do not fall within the flowery, everybody hug everybody, "Why cant we all get along" catagory those few articles will almost always be singled out and certainly NOT accompany the aforementioned calibre of report. That said, lets just wait and see what LMT will do with this one!

You all, or course, recall the furor in Ferguson, Mo. wherein a black thug, 6-4, 300 pounds, physically assaulted a convenience store owner and committed a strong armed robbery, all, I add, captured on video tape. Only a short time later this same thug and his thug pal are walking down the street, blocking traffic because they, being black and poor and oppressed, can and who dare even try to make them stop? The primary thug, Brown, has had his description broadcasted as the robbery suspect but a passing police officer is unaware apparently at that time that this is the same guy. He, the officer, contacts the pair of thugs and tells them they are obstructing traffic and to get out of the street. Well, the rest is history. Video and witness statements tell us the thug, Brown assaults the officer as he is trying to get out of his police car. A fight ensues inside the car. A shot is fired. The thug gets out and strolls away. The officer, now severely injured by the thug, tells him to stop, to which he turns, again advances on the officer, saying, "What? You gonna shoot me?" To which the officer fires in his defense. One dead thug on the street and the second thug lying to the press and anyone who will listen about his innocent partner in crime. Every camera in America descends on Ferguson. Every race baiter in America descends on Ferguson. Thugs from all over the country see their chance to smash windows and steal. And the thug is eulogized and a poor fallen victim. Weeks of riots. "No Justice, No Peace" t-shirts abound. Poor black child was brutally murdered by the racist cop. Oh, no one bothers to heed facts of the incident. Just poor, oppressed black child brutally murdered by racist cop. 

August 11, 2014, Salt Lake City Police Dept. receives a call of a man with a gun at a convenience store. They respond. Three men are found at the store. Officers, proceeding on the report of a gun, order the men into prone positions to control the scene. Two comply whilst the third refuses. This third man reaches for something, possibly a weapon, although it turns out later there is in fact no gun, possibly a cell phone, something. The officer fires and the man dies. Uh oh! Where are the cameras? Where is the press? Where are the race baiters? Well ... turns out in this situation the officer is black and the person shot is white. No harm, no foul, no crime according to race baiters and black rioters. No worries. Why, everyone knows that poor and oppressed blacks can only, by definition, be victims. So, where is MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN? Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Nope! Just another white guy gets knocked down. No problem.

This, then, is what has become of our nation where Liberal Progressive Socialists have, in league with haters of America and those whose sole means of riches is stirring racism and hatred toward all things white, all things American and totally and completely excusing all things black. Hundreds of murders in Chicago and where is the coverage? Black on black, no worries, black on white, no worries. White on black- someone call Obama quick!  Call MSNBC! Nope! From the very pinnacle of government - YOUR president (lower case), YOUR Dept. of Justice, nearly every "news" outlet - complete and total capitulation to anything and all things black and total sell out of all things American, particularly all things white. And where do we find this story? Why on a small television station in Utah AND NO WHERE ELSE. Now, you tell me. Do you see total bias? Do you see racism? Do you see prejudice? Do YOU see hypocrisy? Of course you do but you will say or do nothing. Why, we'd rather watch reality shows on tv, read stories about community gardens. Wonder what residents and businessmen in Ferguson would rather do? Wonder what La Mesa Today is going to do with this? Of course. I know. They may "publish" same but you can be sure it will be isolated and never appear in public because this is not a touchy/feely type of story.

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Comment by David Stanley on August 30, 2014 at 10:46am

Yep. "within the usual rules of civil discourse". So, once again I am able to have my own page for "personal ruminations and general comments" but no one else is allowed to see what is happening in the world about them. Yep. And WHY do I need "personal ruminations"?

Comment by La Mesa Today on August 30, 2014 at 10:27am


As always, I appreciate your contribution to public discourse on La Mesa Today. I don't believe we back down from controversial issues, but we do preserve the limelight of the front page for truly local issues. In fact, a number of your own pieces have been displayed there. We give you your own page for personal ruminations and general comment on matters not directly La Mesa-related and, within the usual rules of civil discourse, allow pretty unlimited publication on your own page. However, we do try and judge the front page material but its truly local relevance and the journalistic contribution that others may appreciate in greater numbers. National politics, while of deep interest to you, is not generally front page material on a site dedicated to La Mesa.

Again, thanks for your contributions and I particularly appreciate your talent with the brush and oil.

Chris Lavin,


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