Top Ten Things I Failed To Do

LA MESA -- As 2013 comes to a sunny close,  I'd like to do something I did a long time ago.  I once made a list of the things I had not done, things I had failed to accomplish during the year.  It made sense to me to do it, because I read so many lists of things that other people had achieved, and while in no means thinking I had been a failure for the year--1980 something--I thought it might be good to remind myself that there were still things left to strive for in the year to come.  So once again, thirty years later or so, here is my list of things I didn't accomplish this year:

1.  I didn't say "I appreciate you" enough.

2.  I didn't resist (hard enough) reading articles, opinion pieces and comments on the Internet that I knew were going to get my blood boiling.

3.  I was unable to resist midnight trips to the kitchen if I knew there were still Nacho Flavored Doritos there.

4.  I failed to change my order at Starbucks from a grande in a vente to a tall in a grande cup, even though I      never finish my beverage.  Ever.

5.  I was completely incapable of wanting to lick the board the BO-beau brussels sprouts come on.

6.  In the same vein, I had a really difficult time sharing them evenly, thus both eating them off my own portion on my plate as well as sneaking them off the board while no one was looking. ("Look!  Over there!!  Isn't that ...??")

7.  I didn't walk as many steps per day as I did in 2012.

8.  Even though I tried, I did not ever say no to the pasta salad on the side at the Trolley Stop Deli.

9.  I did not even try, not in the slightest, to say no to another piece or two of Fiesta ware.

    And number 10, the last thing I didn't do is this:  I didn't forget to pay attention to how wonderful it is to be alive, to have friends to spar with, to disagree with, and to laugh with, to comfort and be comforted by.  I didn't neglect, not for a moment,  being grateful for my family who loves me unconditionally and whom I adore.  I didn't ever find myself not counting my blessings at the end of the day, blessings that include, but are not limited to, living in the greatest little town on earth, La Mesa, California.

Happy New Year one and ALL.  Here's to a year where no tears fall, unless they're tears of gladness.

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Comment by La Mesa Today on December 31, 2013 at 12:06pm

Five Things I'VE Failed To Do:

1. Check my copy for incorrect possessive usage. Frankly, I wish Gabriel Garcia Marquez' campaign to get rid of accent marks in Spanish applied to possessives in English. But I digress.

2. Spend more time checking on business progress outside the Village. Most La Mesa merchants are elsewhere!

3. Use public transportation more often. While it is slow, the pause gives time for thought and meeting new people.

4. Learn to iron. Having learned to cook and having earned the title of Mandilon, I might as well go the full nine yards and save some money.

5. Finally figure out how to make those damn Bo-beau brussel sprouts at home. My first four attempts have failed miserably, though my version of spaghetti squash will give Ben Moore a run for his money!

Chris Lavin

Comment by chris shea on December 31, 2013 at 11:10am
Thank you Elaine. Happy 2014 to you as well.
Life is beautiful!
Comment by Elaine Arapostathis on December 31, 2013 at 11:08am

You have brightened my year with your writings Chris, thank you.  Happy 2014.

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