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LA MESA -- A couple of weeks ago La Mesa Today carried an article about a new business in La Mesa - Hobby Lobby. The first comment about the article called Hobby Lobby "woman hating bigots" and advocated boycotting the store.

         I presume this comment was made because Hobby Lobby claims their religious beliefs argue against four of the 20 types of birth control proscribed by Obamacare - and thus the company "only" includes 16 types in the company health plan. I also oppose making it mandatory that birth control be included in all medical plans. My opposition is not religious. I simply object to requiring taxpayers to pay for someone else's birth control.

         I suppose that makes me a "woman hating bigot" too  - maybe worse since I oppose making any of the 20 forms of birth control a mandatory part of all health plans. I wonder what words the person who called Hobby Lobby (and me) "woman hating bigots", over this relatively minor difference of opinion, would use to describe someone who believes in female genital mutilation, or arranged marriages or that women should not be educated, or that they should be stoned to death for adultery.

         I wonder why the blogger needed to use such angry, over the top, hateful rhetoric to challenge someone who disagrees with them about a relatively minor issue. What happened to tolerance and thoughtful discussion? I had a Mother, and still have a wife, two sisters, two daughters, three daughters-in-law and five granddaughters. I love them all and they love me. I don't know how each of them feels about this issue, but I guarantee you that even if we are of differing opinions, none would consider me a woman hating bigot. I don't know anyone who owns or works for Hobby Lobby, but I'll bet they love their families - men and women - as much as I love mine.

         I want to leave a better country to the women I mentioned above (and to the men in my family as well). Knee jerk, over-the-top, hateful name calling won't get us there. Tolerance of differing opinions and civilized dialogue about those differences might. 

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Comment by Kevin G George on April 1, 2015 at 9:19am

My apologies Amy, I now realize that you were referring to an e mail notification from LMT about Mr. Buckleys article and not an acquaintance.

In that case I suggest you unsubscribe from LMTs notifications in order not to clutter your mind with  dissenting ideas and opinions.

Comment by Kevin G George on April 1, 2015 at 9:02am

Amy, apparently you have an acquaintance who thought you might glean something useful from Mr. Buckleys article.

Or perhaps they wanted to demean his stance, I don't know.

Either way I suggest you complain to your acquaintance about cluttering your mail box and not about Mr. Buckleys contribution to free and public discourse.

Comment by La Mesa Today on April 1, 2015 at 7:59am


One person's drivel is anothers heartfelt discussion of a local topic. Russell Buckley is an engaged and thoughtful writer and any attempt to encourage civility on Internet-based discussions of key local issues is, in my view, to be encouraged. Sorry if this didn't rise to your news judgment, but that will happen from time to time, given the wide range of views and events in this lively city.

Chris Lavin,


Comment by Aimee on April 1, 2015 at 7:34am

I wonder why you need to respond to a comment with an entire article. Have you ever read a comments section on other internet sites? They are full of this stuff. I got an email sent specifically to read this "article" and I consider that cluttering my inbox. I've enjoyed hearing about store openings and other news in La Mesa from this site, but if this is the kind of dribble that is going to pass as local journalism, I will unsubscribe in the future. 

Comment by Gene Carpenter on April 1, 2015 at 7:33am

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