Yesterday I penned an opinion piece speaking about the destruction and crumbling of the Constitution as regarding the ongoing furor surrounding "Duck Dynasty". Freedom of speech once again raised it nasty ole head when Homosexuals shrieked and quivered over Mr. Robertson's statements regarding his faith. Progressives, Liberals and Hollywood freaks are all joining arms in condemnation because, whilst they all profess towering tolerance the actual truth is their "Tolerance" only extends to those agreeing with their nutty and often perverted positions. All others are met with smirks, shaking of heads in condescension, howls of "Off with his head" and pending protest marches. I know its not true but it would appear that every homosexual in the nation now has their panties in a wad because someone actually dared to exercise their right to free speech but failed to comply with the official law allowing all Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and Homosexuals to say anything, anytime, anywhere about anyone with complete freedom whilst anyone else must comply with the Politically Correct Thought Police.

Watching just now Fox News' interviews with two prominent journalists, I heard one Judy Miller, Pulitzer Prize winner, say exactly what I spoke of yesterday: "The First Amendment does not give anyone the right to be stupid, racist or a homophobe". So that then is the position of the press, or much of it. The First Amendment only allows citizens to voice approved thoughts, those allowed by that special group. Believing in the literal interpretation of the Bible and speaking out on one's faith, with the protection of the Constitution of the United States, automatically places one in the catagory of "Stupid, Racist and a homophobe".  Of course not so if one preaches hate and racism within any Black church - witness the "Reverend" Wright - or Gay Pride parades in cities across the nation wherein participants flaunt genitals and obscenity emblazoned placquards for the press and the idiot on lookers. Witness a president declaring police "stupid" when attempting to do their job. Witness freaks like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton whipping moronic welfare-types in riot mobs with the constant race baiting and hate mongering. Witness a state prosecution team lying and mishandling evidence as they shout "Racism" in effort to convict an innocent man. Witness the ACLU defending Nazis.

So, whats your opinion? Are you still a believer in the Constitution and the God given rights therein or have you fallen for the snake oil of the Liberal Progressive Democrats whose alter of worship is Politically Correct Thought Control of a population of lemmings and ostriches? Does the Constitution in fact direct the government and the tiny special interest groups and give them the omnipotent power to control our every thought, our every word, our every action? Or does it, as I submit, stand for every citizen's right of freedom? Can a person, if they believe strongly in their Bible, hold a position counter to that of the controlling mob? You, by now, know exactly my position but then it is, of course, wrong because I loath anything and everything espoused by these Liberal Progressives which has and continues to bring our nation to ever lower and lower levels!

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