There's No Such Thing as an Ordinary Day

1.  Today as I drove to work, a man I pass by often actually recognized my car and waved back at me.  And smiled.

 2.  I bought a big bag of Mother's Cookies to take to the nurses and staff at a convalescent hospital where my long time neighbor was staying. They took very good care of her. She returned home today to Grossmont Gardens.

 3.  The clouds in the sky are magnificent today.  Like an ever changing mural for us to look up at.  That God.  What a set designer!

 4.  I drew a smily face in the dust on a little table in my living room today. 

 5.  (I could have dusted it, but I wanted to get to work early so perhaps I could head over to Grossmont Gardens to greet my friend as she arrived at her new apartment.)

 6.  I  serendipitously pulled in at Grossmont Gardens just in time so see my friend come home to her lovely apartment there.  Pure chance?  Maybe not. (Had I lingered to dust my table, I might not have made it in time.)

 7.  Orange blossoms are in bloom and the air is filled with the scent.  That God!  What a perfumer!

 8.  I ran into an old friend at Target this morning when I went there to buy the Mother's Cookies.  I don't think there's anything more beautiful than the face of an old friend.

 9.  When my neighbor rolled up the walkway at Grossmont Gardens in her wheelchair, she saw me and clapped.  I don't think there's any more lovely sound than someone clapping at the sight of you.

 10. I've decided that after work I'll  drive beneath the cloudy, sunny skies, through the orange blossom scented spring air, over to get more Mother's Cookies.  The staff at the hospital deserves more than one bag, those angels with stethoscopes and clipboards...  

 So it turns out there really are no ordinary days.   There are days filled with friends.  And clouds.  Smiles. There is clapping.   There are angels whose wings we just can't see. There are orange blossoms and cookies. 

And there are friends coming home from convalescent hospitals on sunny, cloudy days. 

 © Chris Shea, 2011




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