Much is said, shouted, screamed and demonstrated today regarding the "Freedom of speech" portion of the Constitution of the United States. You remember that old thing? That was the basis for founding our country? "WE THE PEOPLE" and all that silly old business about controlling our own destiny through the concept of Democracy. That was the one that for generations now Progressive Socialist Democrats from Roosevelt to (shudder) Obama have consistently mocked, ridiculed and torn asunder? Yeah, thats the one. The words from what used to be our nation's founding document have been and continue to be savagely attacked by the official Political Correctness Police rendering that concept of "Freedom of speech" rather moot UNLESS you subscribe to and precisely follow the socialist party line. To stray is to invite, no, to shout for instant attack from the Political Correctness Police and be instantly hoisted upon your own pitard, scorned by the seething masses of good little socialists, Obamaites cheering from all sides. Burning effigies, death threats, placards bearing vile and obscene slogans. Teachers, professing to tenderly care for "The Children", daily indoctrinate our weeuns. Now, even Little League and such have happily joined in:



So, Be Happy! All join together in another chorus of "Happy Days Are Here Again". Join arms and march beneath that grand old RED FLAG we now salute, oh, and don't forget to pay those union dues and make sure your Democrat Party registration is up to date!!!  David Stanley

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