Remember this photograph? It was published I believe on July 22 this month. It depicts what the hippies of the world describe as "global Warming". This camera has been established about 45 feet from the actual North Pole to gather a photographlc record of events in that part of the world. Banner headlines described "Santa swimming at the North Pole" because, in their fevered minds, the North Pole was actually melting and the sky was falling - AGAIN!!!

Well, today it seems calmer and far wiser minds have prevailed and explained this photograph as a natural phenomenon which occurs every year at this time and perhaps THE SKY IS NOT FALLING.

Seems, as the seasonal warming occurs top layers of ice THROUGHOUT the polar region do indeed melt forming "ponds" several inches deep and are sometimes far reaching. After a period of time these ponds simply drain away. Later each year, as Winter approaches, the surfaces freeze over once again and thats the way Nature seems to work. Isnt that strange that it happens like that?

Not so many years ago the International press and every hippy in the country was convinced that California was going to break away from the mainland and simply sink. Many, many actually fled the state - thank God - and rushed to the hinterland to escape. Books and films were produced describing the coming tragedy. Millions of dollars were made by those wise enough to take advantage of the stupidity so prevalent throughout the country. The "news" casts filled the airwaves constantly. Wait! Nothing happened. Seems those hippies simply never studied Geology and knew nothing about the Pacific Plate and its movements. Seems further that the press, you remember that stupid gaggle of ducks - the press ignored scientists, fixating rather upon the horror to come - "Oh, the horror!"

Remember that period of time when the world would end, December 21, 2012? Jeepers! What happened? Not a damn thing. Recall the scare in EVERY "news" cast about computers failing, banking failing, the nation suddenly halting at the turn of the century? Jeepers times two!

A nation of sheep dashes from pillar to post because of stupid, baseless rumours and what happens? Gobs of wailing, hang wringing, gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair, prophets leap about in hair shirts declaring "The Coming Doom". Nothing happens so the sheep say, "Whoops" and go back to their grazing. AMAZING!

So, despite the prophets, the world is not melting. Despite the manufactured data and money coffers filling from cash thrown at said prophets of doom and gloom, Santa is not swimming at the North Pole. He does not need a snorkle and fins. Polar Bears are not doomed. Others may pull their hair but those same "others" are too stupid to read or do any actual research. Nope, no lakes up there after all.

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