The screams and ravings of desperation?

In his latest and greatest Presidential moments, "He" told a small mob of rabid sycophants to vote because of "REVENGE" and they cheered!  Have you heard of seen anything, ANYTHING "HE" has said or done in months and months apart from deceit, mockery, lies, deception, deflection, racial separation, class warfare, and mugging for cameras? Well? Well?

Now, the latest, the very latest. Out of total desperation his union goons and thugs are shouting that Mitt Romney is responsible for the Meningitis outbreak. Yep. Thats right. Mitt Did It! Oh, and if Romney is elected it is a sure thing that all gay people will be murdered. Yep. Thats exactly what they are shouting to all the party faithful. Now, for all you loyal National Socialist Democrats out there, do you recall when the same thugs and union goons were shouting throughout the central part of the country that should Bubba Clinton lose the election the Republicans were sworn to burn down all black churches? Do you remember that? Any you swallowed it hook, line and sinker, huh?

How does it feel to know that YOU put this loser into the position of the most powerful man in the world? How does it feel to finally realize he is an idiot and by reflection then so are you? And yet you have already or will shortly scurry to the polls to ensure the further and faster demise of the nation. Proud?

Are those the screams and ravings of desperation we hear?

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