"Dictatorship" - A form of government not restricted by Constitution, laws or opposition.

Now, sit and think about that for a moment. When a government can step into the lives of its citizens and rip away basic rights previously guaranteed does this then define "Dictatorship"? An aspect of these losses is perhaps when government elects to steal private property in order to award it to a more profitable entity, all legal and proper?? Happens almost every day and property owners can do little or nothing to save their property. Government slaps itself on the back in congratulations and moves to the next operation. How about a government that supports and enables its own departments and operatives to discriminate, diminish, demean and belittle the predominant religious faith of the nation whilst waving banners for a radical and hate driven religion. Isnt that ignoring the Constitutional rights and laws of the land? Think that perhaps is yet another step along the way?

In recent months the great debate has raged regarding "Gun Rights", sparked by the most recent shootings in the Northeast. Rabid voices abound on both sides of the political spectrum demanding radical steps. National Socialists, once again on their rampage about gun control, rant and rave about saving lives whilst staunchly ensuring the rights of criminals, the very ones who are murdering us.  National Socialists demand punishment for legal gun owners through exposure in the press, publishing names and addresses whilst, again, protecting the criminals. They scream for a National Firearms Registry. Whoa! Didnt Adolf Hitler also demand, first a national firearms registry followed shortly thereafter by national confiscation? Seems I read that. National Socialist teachers all throughout the nation have taken up the banner and are indoctrinating the students with the propaganda regarding legal gun owners. Anything NRA related is quickly associated with the devil, with hate, with murder and NRA members seem to be portrayed with horns and pointed tails. They and their program of gun safety and ownership are vilified in practically every press and television.

Today I read about a teenager in high school in West Virginia I believe, that was actually suspended, arrested and JAILED for wearing a T shirt to school. Seems the National Socialists in charge of the school and the classroom did not recognize his First Amendment right to free speech as it pertained to his Second Amendment right to bear arms - GUARANTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION. Shirt had an NRA emblem with a hunting rifle. So the kid's rights, the kid's parent's rights and YOUR rights were stolen by the National Socialists. When contacted for statement, the school administration refused to comment. Does this sound rather like Germany in the middle 1930s? Certainly does to me.

When the Senate failed to pass a sweeping bill regarding this gun control matter what does the President, you remember him? The guy who actually took that silly old oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and the LAW, The President comes on television and tells the fawning press that he is really angry and that is a sad day for the nation because HE DIDNT GET HIS WAY. His stooge and lackey, Dingey Harry Reed, was quick to say that this was not over yet. Does this sound like we are skipping along the road to dictatorship to you? Remember that silly of definition?

"A form of government not restricted by Constitution, laws or opposition."  Hmmmm.

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