The Rise and Fall of the American Empire

Like the ancient Roman Empire, which through conquest, spread its influence and culture throughout the known world, so has the American "Empire" moved all around the planet. Our own "spread", however, has not been so much through and with "conquest" but through millions of lives sacrificed for freedom, uncounted dollars given to succor and assist, attempting to shine "Democracy" on Totalitarian rule and massive humanitarian efforts.  All this on the foundation of one single document and the willingness of citizens to literally sacrifice all to ensure that "The Grand Experiment" was and will always continue to be successful. Because of this willingness to sacrifice all, including our very lives, no other land, no country, no government in the history of the planet has become more successful and more giving than our own. But, and there is ALWAYS a "BUT", in recent times, since, oh perhaps the first part of the last century, we have witnessed the crumbling, the cavitation and falling apart of "The Grand Experiment". Attacked constantly by those calling themselves "Progressives", "The Communist Party" and joined primarily by the Democrat Party, the foundation document of our nation, "THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES", has been systematically attacked, challenged as "out of date", unraveled, mocked, scorned, held up in disrepute, interpretated contrary to its original content and totally disrespected by those same individuals and groups.

Occasionally comes along a voice that disputes and momentarily sets aright some of the continuing damage wrought to both the Constitution and the nation as a whole but those voices are far and few between and are generally lost in the cacophony of the detractors, schemers, destroyers and those whose sole aim is self fulfillment.

The very first amendment to the Constitution provides, "Congress shall make no rule ...abridging the freedom of speech ...". And Congress has abided by that rule. However, "Freedom Of Speech". today is far from what it was or was meant to be years or centuries ago. Today's "Freedom Of Speech" is actually dictated and ruthlessly controlled by the Political Correct Police and enforced by the kowtowing politicians, lawyers and courts, primarily Democrats, and emblazoned across the heavens as what one can say and what one darent say by the government controlled press. Today you are forced to genuflect to all things Black, all things Mexican, all things Muslim, all things Homosexual and the list of CORRECT areas continues endlessly. But for one to speak their mind as guaranteed by the very Constitution of the United States is to incur the instant wrath of the Politically Correct Police, all Progressives and Democrats. That person can expect, without delay, instant castigation, persecution and a good chance of prosecution at the hands of the press and the genuflecting government and courts. Guaranteed by the Constitution, Religion is likewise protected but only if you are of the correct religious flavour. Should a man, any man, foolish enough to actually think he has certain Constitutional rights regarding speech or religion, dare to utter anything NOT ALLOWED by the Politically Correct Police - Damn that man! Damn him immediately. He shall suffer immediate and forever damnation.  Say, "Merry Christmas" and what will be the response? Not what you think.

Now, I dont watch nor do I follow this Duck Dynasty business. Multi-millionaires wearing hilly billy beards and bandannas just dont do it for me. I could care less what they say, I could care less what they do. I am proud that they are successful because only in America could that happen. A few days ago one of the family members, Phil Robertson, was suckered into an ambush interview and asked his views on Homosexuality. A trap for anyone other than a Progressive but those with money believe they also have a Constitutional opinion as well. Well ... He forgot. The Homosexual lobby has become so powerful today that any utterance contrary to their Man on Man position is cause for immediate labeling of "Homophobe" whilst they, in turn, are allowed to say anything, any time, any where, about anyone on any subject. You see, they are guaranteed this right under the Constitution whereas people other than Homosexuals ARE NOT!. Knowing Robertson's position already because of his deep religious beliefs, the cute interviewer set him up for the great fall and succeeded magnificently. Robertson, stupidly, said exactly what he believes and is protected in saying by the Constitution of HIS country, and was handed his head by the A&E television network because they, like all others of their ilk, ignore the Constitution but firmly adhere to the dictates of the Politically Correct Police. See ya Phil!.

Along with Robertson's fall from grace comes the further fall in stature of the nation. We have ceased to be the "Land of the free and home of the brave" as penned by Frances Scott Key. Rather, America is now the land of "Whatever you say and home of the 'I promise never to talk about Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims or Homosexuals'". We have a proven traitor serving as Secretary of State who is fighting to repeat Neville Chamberlain's "Peace In Our Time" fiasco with Iran. We have an entire Administration bent upon cowardice and appeasement. We have a stacked Supreme Court who mutters, "Yup, Yup" whenever their Fuhrer issues a fiat. We have a totally corrupt Department of Justice, insane Courts of Appeal, judges who give probation to people who murder then plead "Affluance" as a defense. We have hate mongers and race baiters directing mob actions to complying simpletons, getting rich from "donations"s and government support. We have an educational system spewing third world level illiterates out as graduates.

You see, all these things are indeed guaranteed by the Constitution but only if you, like Winston Smith in "1984", comply and adhere to what is Politically Correct. No thought allowed. No unapproved speech allowed. The mob in the street have little of no idea of the who or what or why of the nation yet they follow the herd and perpetuate this condition with blind voting and hands out for hand outs. Roman Emperors and Senators placated the mob with games of death and free food. American Emperors and Senators placate the mob with handouts and empty promises. They go around the world groveling and apologizing for the terrible deeds of Americans, like bringing freedom, like feeding the starving, like supporting embattled nations, like helping those suffering from disasters. Those terrible American deeds which label us as The Great Satan, The War Mongers, the Racists, the Homophobes. Those terrible Americans.

If you are anything other than one of the Progressives of which I have spoken you will recognize the crumbling. If you, however, are firmly in the Progressive camp and firmly subscribe to the Political Correctness agenda espoused therein, well, you're winning. Not much chance of success for the Constitution any longer. The Thought Police should be just about to knock on my door. Oh wait ... they always come at three in the morning dont they. Then people like me just ... well, disappear to be replaced with faithful party members. 

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