I know its of little or no interest to you but I remain intrigued regarding the blatant and always denied hypocrisy of the press. Learned this morning that Alex Baldwin, you know, that looney that goes about insulting the world, particularly if he can target a Conservative, Alex Baldwin had his television show, "Up Late", cancelled by that paragon of virtue, NBC.  Now I understand why his latest episode got him canned. See, the freaks with the cameras are like flies around spoiled meat. Constant and driving one crazy.  Seems Mr. Baldwin, incensed when the camera mob virtually assaulted his family recently, assaulted back with the use of colourful epithets. Now, our proud poparazzi  will not allow retaliation like that and his diatribe was broadcasted. NBC, in its ongoing efforts to appease and kowtow, did just that for the homosexual mob. So falls Baldwin.

But ...... when one f their own, one slime named Martin Bashir, attacks Sarah Palin with the use of the vilest, most disgusting epithets and the recommendation that Mrs. Palin actually be physically assaulted, what does NBC do? Why nothing. Thats not the Progressive Democrat way to do things you see. Cater and genuflect to all things homosexual or black but to hell with anyone or anything Conservative, particularly if the the target is so handy as Sarah Palin.

All the Democrats reading this will agree with NBC and Martin Bashir but the real human beings recognize it for what it is. Progressive Democratic Hypocrisy that we have all come to expect on a daily dose.

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