The Hope of Spring

LA MESA -- Today, Tuesday, February 24, I have been watching the workers begin the Street Scape project here in front of my store.  Interestingly, from inside the store looking out to the orange and white barriers the street looks wider to me.  Maybe that's because there are no parked cars now and the barriers are on the double yellow line down the middle of the street.  

I guess it never occurred to me how much prep is involved in an undertaking of this size.  Put out no parking signs, take the meters off the parking meter poles, put out car barriers.  Next will come pedestrian markers I'm guessing.  This is kind of like watching the skies and waiting for the rain to come

A friend of mine walked in the store to tell me she is having surgery soon.  She seems optimistic and full of hope.  I told her that was the nice thing about Spring.  Hope comes to fruition, bulbs bloom, trees bud, icicles melt, birds sing and there is a kind of unspoken applause at the things that are returning after a winter's rest.  I know she will be fine and told her so.  My heart holds a prayer for her..  I have my Cars and Trucks and Things That Go on the table in my window. Tomorrow I am putting a toy dump truck on the table beside it kind of an homage to the work that will begin soon.

As she left my store I looked out at the street and the barriers and the signs for "Walk Here."  The Street Scape has a kind of hope in it too.  A facelift for our Village.  To be sure there are rough days ahead, just like for my friend.  But the end of this chapter will be the beginning of a new one.  Barriers will come down, sidewalks will be filled with people, stores will open their doors to a spring breezes, which if we're lucky, will carry with them all the best that life has to offer. Blossom-fragranced days in the Village and blossom-fragranced days full of joy for my friend.

More to come when the "Things That Go" come down the boulevard in front of my shop.

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