The happy spread of division- Me Too, Me Too!

One rainy evening in Florida a man confronts another in the middle of a condo complex. Residential burglaries have been a serious problem so a member of the Neighborhood Watch is watching, looking out for his neighbors. Another man, kid actually, decked out in a hooded sweatshirt, whether for the rain, a"uniform" of his identified group or friends or concealment we will never know, is walking through that victimized complex. The "watcher" approaches the other and asks what he is doing in the complex. The younger person turns, words are exchanged and the younger man swings knocking the first man to the ground. He straddles the older man's chest and begins to slam his head into the cement and pummel his face, breaking his nose amoungst other injuries all the time advising the man he is going to kill him. The man being pummeled fears not just for injuries but for his life as well. He is screaming for help from anyone in the complex but no one responds to his pleas. The community - the State - has adopted a "Stand Your Ground" law allowing citizens to protect themselves rather than fleeing from aggressors as favoured by aggressors and bullies the world over.  Because of this the man is licensed to carry a firearm for this protection. During the scuffle the man pulls the firearm to attempt to defend himself and stop the violent attack. A short struggle ensues and the man fires his gun striking and subsequently killing the aggressor. Like you, I followed the trial and listened to "FACTS" presented. I was astounded by the prosecution's constant interjecting of racial profiling and discrimination because the poor kid was black. It was a constant refrain coupled with vitriol directed at the defendant. It was all highly reminiscent of trials of the 19th and early 20th century where practically anything was allowed by the prosecution so long as they were on a wink, wink, nod, nod standing with the judge.The prosecution, exactly like your pals Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and YOU continually manufactured "facts" and was allowed to present them even though the Defense calmly stood and eradicated these "facts" one by one as they were thrown out.  But, unlike most of YOU, I did not manufacture facts to fit a preconceived idea. What I just presented were those facts as presented in the trial. There was no evidence whatsoever of racial profiling. There was no evidence of a racist, gun toting vigilante waving a gun about. There were never any facts presented that the young man was attacked because he was black. All these "Facts" were manufactured by those standing before the black and the gullible white communities in order to further their agenda of race baiting, racial division and promoting the "Poor Black Man" syndrome they themselves manufactured as a means to garner ever greater wealth and power for themselves. And worse yet, we have a president who just has to interject himself in a State issue and further inflame the mobs by identifying with the actual attacker!

Remember the childhood game of "Telephone" wherein one person tells another something then passes it on? Each telling alters the original. Facts are added and in the end the last telling bears little of no resemblance to the original. Well, the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons and your neighbors depended totally upon this concept. The facts, the actual facts of the incident, have no bearing on the desired outcome and those "facts" will be altered, omitted or inflated until the neighbor responds, "Yeah, dat aint right!  We gotta get him!". And, even worse, what passes as "The Press" today was quick to foam and shout RACISM, further inflaming the herd mentality. And "The Press" never let up. Twenty four hours a day, week after week. Their spot light was always on the self annointed "Black Leaders" and mobs who continued to play "Telephone" ignoring the facts of the case because their neighbors, preachers and fellow white haters told them something different.

Everyone wants, needs to get into the act, to get those cameras rolling, to let the poor black victims of the nation that they are on their side and pursue the evil white justice system through the villages with blazing torches and pitchforks. Enter now the San Diego School District. You remember them? The ones who have generation after generation indoctrinated your children into the ways of Socialism, Appeasement, Reparation, White Guilt and overall division and mistrust? Yeah, thats them. So now they, in their furor of "ME TOO, ME TOO!" are about to further indoctrination this generation of children with further hatred and mistrust in all things American. They are the ones that when they decide its time for a pay raise cry, "For The Children", get bonds passed then when heads are turned channel the monies into pay raises for Administrators and teachers, retaining the still crowded classrooms and equipment shortages. Our heroes!. So, they are announcing "ME TOO, ME TOO!". They plan to "talk about the world view that prompted George ZImmerman to confront Trayvon Martin. Do you suppose they also plan to discuss the barrage of residential burglaries happening in the complex and Martin's (that poor black victim of racial murder) actions that evening were just some little kid strolling along minding his business? Do you suppose they plan to discuss the threats of death to Zimmerman, the crashing of his head on the concrete, the broken nose and facial injuries but none on the poor innocent Martin? I seriously doubt that. They plan to "allow" students to speak out about "Stand your ground" laws. Isnt it funny and odd that when a black person "stands their ground" and refuses to be made a victim they are totally and 100% justified but when the other person is anything other than black the laws are prejudice? Funny how that works but then one must I suppose view the world through the eyes of professional and perpetual victims.

So watch the "news" for the staged outrage and acts of appeasement by the San Diego School District and its subsequent outpourings to the kids and "the press". Remember:  "ME TOO, ME TOO!".  Do you think La Mesa will join hands with this? I am sure the teachers have.

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