How can we continue to allow this scourge on the Amerikan family to exist? This black abyssal entity, reeking of corruption, spreading its tentacles of hatred and putrification throughout our nation and our communities must be attacked and driven back to the depths from whence it crawled. Owners and leaders of the filthy organization must be chastised or taken from our presence less they perpetuate the continued cancerous growth. Woe to those lost souls who believe and support this malignant creature and curses be upon their heads!! The only hope we as Amerikans have are the saving angels of unions and politicians. They alone march in the van carrying the banners and crosses which scream our desires to rid ourselves of evil, greed and hatred. Our brave brothers in the unions have girded their loins for the fight and armed themselves with the weapons of their long proven methods and raised their voices in combat for our plight. Oh woe! Oh joy!

How long can we tolerate an organization that comes into our communities with lower prices and better services than most other groups of their nature in order that people can better afford foods and products. How dare they do that? Can we allow this creature to actually sell these things to all people at a substantial savings whilst other, smaller outlets continue to raise their prices and cry that they are being forced out of business rather than make their own items more affordable? The shame!

We have watched through the years how the crusaders of unions have, with screaming voices, glassy eyes and prepared "strike" signs marched as champions to impress "news" cameras and the weak minded of our nation and crawling politicians, who will ALWAYS rush to the side of the socialist agenda and demanding group present in effort to force a state to its knees and continue a scheme of perpetuating massive entitlement and pension grabs. Holding ignorant children on high, they use them to illustrate how they must be allowed to continue the grab until the system collapses then on to some other organization who will, hopefully, surrender and kowtow to their massed and crazed screams. Our brave crusaders succeeded in foisting a leader upon all the rest of us for a second straight four years and feel smug that, if they can do that they can continue to force the Socialist agenda of hatred and greed down the nation's throat with no one to say nay. We are watching our crusaders, in their spiffy green "T" shirts and signs of hatred show how the poor and downtrodden employees of evil Wal Mart have been and continue to be exploited even as they perpetuate the evil and greed upon a public too stupid to realize their own suffering. Savings, however small, cannot be allowed to stand in the way of union growth and power, can it? That members of the very unions and nay sayers do, themselves, continue to shop and save at this evil organization must not be admitted. Only support for the union causes - growth in membership, growth in union dues, benefits and privileges for union leaders, an increased and finer life style for them and their families whilst our champions on the lines, in their green "T" shirts, only lose, financially in income and personal life styles, only this can save us.

Comrades, Brothers, rally now!. Fight for higher prices and better cars and homes for your union leaders. Comrades, march for the right to unionize the evil Wal Mart so our brothers and sisters can regularly walk out on strike and force us to pay higher prices elsewhere. We cannot allow the scourge of free enterprise and lower prices to hinder our cause. Our great Socialist leaders, Stalin, Marx, Obama and the head of the unions will frown on you. March! Rally! Scream! Oust the Great Satan and lets all pay the higher prices together. Big Brother is watching. He is depending upon YOU!~!!  Sieg Heil!

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