Just read an interesting article concerning the demise of the City of Detroit. Like everyone else, I have been aware of this for years. Recently watched a "news" spot concerning this and the citizens that have stood up to take a leading role in the city's semi-preservation. Citizens have joined together to maintain 72 city parks that were scheduled to be closed because they could not be maintained. They cut the grass and perform all the required maintenance to keep the parks open for children and families of the city. One man started his own transportation system in order to help people move about the city because city transportation is either totally undependable or non-existant. Others voluntarily clean and sweep. On one side of this observation stands those citizens who refuse to allow their city to fall into crumbling decay and the nation should applaud. However, on the other side stands the causes of this crumbling. There is no surprise concerning the "Why" of this disaster. The American automobile industry, in their self important stance, allowed the world, THE WORLD to out produce and out engineer the centre of American car manufacturing. Coupled with that, Unions totally destroyed the industry and thereby the city through their constant and creeping greed, obtaining staggering wages and benefits for members from obliging and appeasing business owners. City workers unions, not to be outdone, further stole and robbed Detroit citizens of their money to ensure ever higher wages and benefits. Personal and political greed seems to have done the rest with millions syphoned away from city coffers to enrich Affirmative Action appointees as well as extremely suspect elected city officials.

The City of Detroit appears to be a glaring example of the great crumbling of America. Remember when we were all told by California government about all the tax money used to maintain and ensure we had the finest roads and streets in America? Remember that? Well, by now you know it was all a lie whilst all that money was either redirected to pet political projects or into personal bank accounts. Where are these "finest roads and streets in America"? Certainly not in California. But we sure have had and continue to have some glaringly wealthy politicians, huh? And have you looked about locally? La Mesa is an example of a City or village that does what it is suppose to do, maintain intrastructure, with street repair going on regularly. Here we see civic improvement and beautification but what is happening next door? La Mesa appears to care about taking care of its citizens.

The City Council of San Diego, redirected retirement funds, legally obliged to pay through law to support and maintain their retirement system, for decades thus bringing about the current fiscal emergency that the city faces now and for probably at generation at least. They have cut back everywhere, particularly in the emergency services areas, so badly that citizens, even though not aware owing to constant propaganda to the contrary, considers themselves well protected. Their streets and bridges are old and decaying and there's little or no money to address these issues.

Wait, its not just around here. Look everywhere! Bridges are old and dated and most or all show the results of little or no maintenance and are literally falling apart. Cities are declaring bankruptcy owing specifically to not enough money to pay bills. And what bills? Generally the retirement systems that the Cities and the Unions have allowed to become too bloated and out of control. Of course we cant forget the handsome bonuses awarded to City Councils et al paid for out of OPM (remember that phrase? OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY). 

The nation is crumbling and government estimates just to repair and bring the intrastructure of the nation back to a reasonable safe level run in the tens of trillions. But where can we get this money if we must continue to pay unions ever upward spiral of demands? Where can we get the money if we must suffer the greed of ever grasping politicians? We cant just rely upon volunteers like Detroit seems to be doing.

As bridges rust and crumble, as potholes create more hazards, as ancient water and sewage systems fail, what do we see on the "News"? Unions threatening strike for higher pay and more benefits as well as politicians tumble one after another having been caught stealing OPM. Any wonder why the crumbling of America continues? Because of politicians playing fast and loose with laws and financing our homes have been devalued so much in recent years as to be worth perhaps half of less their values just 10-15 years ago. And what has happened to these politicians? They retire with staggering retirement and out of this universe benefits for the rest of their lives.

We should stand and honour those Detroit volunteers but perhaps we may ourselves need local volunteers around here one day soon. Perhaps not in our Village but you can be pretty sure what we are seeing in Detroit, Chicago, Stockton, Sacramento, New York, Kansas City, New Orleans and on and on is spreading and its effect will, if not felt locally so far, will certainly be here one day. Do you see any reversals on the horizon? I have been looking but I sure dont. What I see is just more union demands, more exposed government corruption and the value of my own home sinking, regardless of the propaganda we hear every day about values going up. Sure glad I live here in our Village. At least things are being taken care of for the most part. Texas continues to beckon to me and my wife but this is still our home.

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